Duxe Lonis

April 11, 2017

The following stat block is a tool that can be dumped right into a game tonight. Stat blocks are meant to be quick and easy to use locations, items, npcs, and other device game masters can use to provide background, lore, treasure, or more for their games. Some will require refining, others may require a simple rules comparison, but most are drop and go items. Each block will include a description, GM Guidelines, and 3 system examples for their usage.

Duxe Lonis [Location]


Deep in the burrows of swampland lies the ruins of Duxe Lonis. The city is built of heavy carved stone and arranged obsidian glass. The buildings align in concentric circles built around a large altar some 200 feet wide, and three large avenues span from this point. What appears to be precious stones dot the streets every twenty, and at night these seem to give off a faint glow. The place is deserted, and the only remains of humanoids that can be found seem to be fair more recent than when this city would have been built.

GM Guidelines

Duxe Lonis is an ancient city, once the home of skilled and powerful scholars. Some time ago the place was abandoned through a calamity the leaders of the city foresaw. They left behind traps, wards, and other methods to prevent their city from being reclaimed by anyone but their descendants. When an archeological team found it a century or two ago, they were meet by curses and death around every corner. Most history books have crossed the city from their records now by the surviving members of this dig, and only books from older than a few centuries may mention this place.

Dungeon & Dragons Usage

Treat Duxe Lonis as a surface dungeon to discover. Clues from nearby townsfolks or descendants of the archeologists may guide the players to the spot, but otherwise leave them to their fate. The traps should be magical in nature mostly, and golems and undead should be the primary antagonists, with a few wild animals on the outskirts of the city. Any treasure should be knowledge based, and aid magical characters primarily. Complication: One of the players’ guides is a descendant of the city, and will try to use the city’s defenses to kill the players.

Shadowrun Usage

A Johnson wants the team to investigate a rumored fourth world city that has been discovered unearthed recently. They’ll pay handsomely for artifact and treasures from the place, but powerful wards and strange paracritters guard the way in. Complication: One of the players is a descendant of the city, and can strangely interact with the city’s traps and magic.

Call of Cthulhu

A recently uncovered dig site, the players take on the roles of the original archeological survey of the site. Here they’ll discover clues of the ancient avatar that consumed the minds of the city’s founders. Eventually the players will find a cult within the city attempting to restart the ritual that brought the elder god’s avatar to Duxe Lonis. Complication: A rival ancient one seeking to undermine the ritual is the force behind sending the players in.


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