The Lasso Rod

April 18, 2017

The following stat block is a tool that can be dumped right into a game tonight. Stat blocks are meant to be quick and easy to use locations, items, npcs, and other device game masters can use to provide background, lore, treasure, or more for their games. Some will require refining, others may require a simple rules comparison, but most are drop and go items. Each block will include a description, GM Guidelines, and 3 system examples for their usage.

Lasso Rod [Item]


A rod about a foot and a half long and a little more than two inch thick. It’s a pale tan color, and feels like wood in weight but stone in touch. The item has two notches near the top of it, and a leather strap or handle on the opposing end. Under the grip there is a small band of leather or wire to affix the rod to the wielder’s wrist.

GM Guidelines

The Lasso rod is meant as a tool for a prison guard or bounty hunter. It is as light as a small wooden dowel but is as strong as a steel or stone of similar size. When the wielder of the rod flicks it properly, the notched end expands into a lasso that will attempt to ensnare a target. This should require some level of proficiency or knowledge on how to use such items. The lasso as a magical item should be able to prevent magical creatures for teleporting or otherwise leaving an area if they are not as strong as the lasso’s magic. The Lasso as a technological item should be considered uncuttable and resistant to being pulled open. Both version of the lasso should have ammunition or charges to prevent overuse.

Shadowrun 5E Usage

The Lasso is a special nanoweave item initially meant for the handling of enhanced cyber critters and their training. It uses the same skills as whips and can be considered a specialization of such. When using the Lasso Rod for a Subduing Attack, use the Lasso’s rating+3 as the Strength of the Attacker’s Subduing roll. The normal Lasso Rod cannot inflict stun damage per Subduing rules. The shock Lasso Rod can inflict a 9S(e)[AP-5] attack that is resisted normally. The Shock Lasso Rod comes equipped with enough battery life for ten charges before it must be plugged in to recharge, at a rate of one charge every ten seconds. Wireless Bonus: Maintaining the Grapple requires only a Simple Action, but additional actions cannot be taken if a complex action is not spent to maintain the grapple. The Wireless bonus also enables the Shock Lasso Rod to recharge at a rate of one charge an hour of being wirelessly active.

Lasso Rod – Accuracy 5 | Reach 2 | Dmg (Str+1) P | AP -3 | Avail (Rating+3)R | Cost Rating*500¥

Shock Lasso Rod – Accuracy 5 | Reach 2 | Dmg (Str+2) P | AP -3 | Avail (Rating+6)R | Cost Rating*1,000¥

Numenera Usage

Capture Rod (artifact)

Level: 1d6

Form: A small dowel that appears to be made of stone but is as light as wood.

Effect: Produces a long rope like transparent lasso. If used to attack, the Lasso does no damage but causes the struck character to be unable to take any move action and all combat actions are increased one step. Missed attacks cause the Lasso to become stuck on something else, and a 3 Speed roll to free the lasso from the target.

Depletion: 1 in 1d20

Free Market Usage

Lasso Rod – [Wetwork; Nanoweave Rope; Quick and Accurate] – A small dowel that creates a rope useful to stop people before deathing them.

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