Delta Horologii

June 10, 2020

Name: Horologii 

☒ Earth-like  ☐ Earth-based  ☐ Alien

Type: Terrestrial Class M 

Planet Size: 1.35 times Earth

Axial Tilt: 21.7°

Natural Satellites: 2 each are about ¼ the size of Earth moon

Star Type: Binary star system of 2 White Stars

Planet Basics

Gravity: Earth like

Temperature Norms: Warmer than Earth norm

Hydrosphere: 0.9% Ice and 2% liquid freshwater 

Atmosphere: Thin and Alkaline

Tectonic Activity: Along fault lines with Regularity 

Volcanic Activity: Some but not much

Time Scales

Length of a day: 27.8 Hours

Length of a Solar rotation: 472 Days

Planet Biology

Zoological Range: Most life on the planet has adapted to warmer temps and less water then is present on Earth. Life has most of what we consider to be the Phylums and Classifications of Animals. 

Botanical Range: The range of plants is a bit low. There are no huge woodlands to help with retaining the water from the planet. The water is still partly locked in the polar caps that are shrinking. 

Planet Sentience

Technology Level: The technology has a space elevator and the ability to travel interstellar distances. The big things in the tech were found along the way and hobbled into the fleet of ships that made their way to the planet.

Sentient Races: There is a race of beings that have pushed what most Terrans thought was “alive”. They are Organo-silicon based lifeforms. 

Civilization(s): The native “Horos’” have a culture that is starting to be discovered. And the Terrans are a colony sent to find resources that will help. 

The Alien Part of this planet has a band of Structures that tower over 2 Km into the sky and are crystal based but not from an element that is present anywhere else on this planet and not from any of the planets Terrans have managed to land on. They are off limits to most folks in the colony. What are they and what do they hide? More on that later. 

This is created under creative commons 

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