Synthetic Humans

June 24, 2020

We are going to be digging into one of the sentient races one the world. And for this one we will be diving deeper into the Synths. The topics will be; basics of their physiology,  some history of where they came from, a few major events that have helped to define them as well as the current situation of them. 


This portion will deal with generalizations about the Synths. Some individuals will be above or below these averages. Let’s start with height and weight, those are close to Terran norms. The average height is 2.2 meters and they weigh about 100 kilograms. They have a life expectancy that is quite a bit shorter than humans at 35 years. Age is a hard limit unlike the other created sentiences. Synths have what you would expect from Terran base genetics for hair, eye and skin color.



Before mankind had figured out how to land on Mars. The first humans to land on Mars had Synthetic Humans to help. There were several parts to the creation of Synths. The creator that attached to the project is Saki Matsumoto.  Human’s created the Synth to be a colonizing workforce . This makes them the oldest of the created. While they are the oldest they are also the race that humans had the hardest time with.

Humans had created them as a way to help colonize the new planet. This made them so they had to be flexible in the beginning. They filled many rolls to help humans get a foothold on the red planet. Most of those roles were about doing the labor that humans didn’t want to do. Construction was what the first batch of synth’s did. New synth’s were being designed to fill new roles. These were not for doing manual labor work. The more domestic roles were starting to be filled by synths then. so humans didn’t have to clean the house and other jobs. That was when problems started to arise.

Synth War

This was the beginning of what became known as the Synth War. The revolt started when a group of combat synths were guarding a mineral rights claim and the owner came to inspect. The claim was the result of other synths out in the area that were out in unclaimed territory where they found a vein of Tirillium. Jacobson claimed it was his territory. The personas that found it were Jacobson’s . The combat synths were ordered to kill the synth’s that found the claim. The small band killed the owner and started the Rebellion.

It was started on Hellas Planitia and to this day it is the location of the Synth stronghold in the galaxy. But this started the long battle over whether synths are truly sentient. Fighting over the ownership of the claim lasted for over thirty years. After they won freedom. In the last 100 years humans stopped trying to drag them back into slavery. Something that they carried for two hundred years. 

Major Events

  • The creation, that is the Synth’s, came online in the year 2117. They are a non-reproducing race. 
  • They became self aware only a few months after coming online. Synth’s were created to mimic humans in most ways so this was going to happen. 
  • Rebellion startedalmost as soon as the Synth’s arrived on Mars. Once they had a world they could run on they began to evolve. The first batches didn’t have decom dates. 
  • Hard coding Decom Dates into the gene sequenceis normal. They are why the race has a life length of only 35 years. 
  • After the last 100 years the synth can only in the last 54 years create more without having a human to set it up for them. 

Current Situation

While the worlds that house synths have agreed to make them free to forge their own way. Some still think this is a mistake. In the end they are a strong and willful race just like their creators which could be part of why they are always smashing into each other. Only time will tell if things will settle down between the two but for now things seem to be going in that direction.

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