Callies Song – Hatim

November 21, 2017

Design Notes

We have our Magic User! Rolls of: 8; 17; 12; 12; 10; 13, nearly destine you to be a magic-user in D & D because the one exceptional attribute is INT.  I have no problem with this as we have the other bases more or less covered, so a Magic User is a good thing for every party. In the character notes, we will get into the history of the character, but “underneath thehood” it won’t matter too much.

Weapon-wise, Magic Users are quite limited with a dagger or knife being a given and allowing an optional proficiency in the Whip just for fun. With languages, the extra languages came in handy as I expanded from the Thyatian (Common) and alignment argot to also include Sindhi, Alphatian, Yav for the bordering Serene Divinarchy of Yavldom, and  some Tanagoran for a complete oddball choice.

As a mage from a background that expect shim to end up creating magical items for his countrymen, Hatim had a pretty simple set of choices in Alternate Magics and Alchemy.  Leadership is a plus for him with the Knowledge: Politics as he spreads past his family’s original expectations. Finally, Planar Geography is always fun just so the party doens’t get lost if they end up off the Prime Material Plane for whatever reason.  

At sixth level, Hatim has access to First, Second, and Third Level spells. The following are the spells that he has managed to get into his spellbook:

1st Level

  • Analyze
  • Detect Magic
  • Magic Missile
  • Read Magic
  • Shield
  • Sleep

2nd Level

  • Entangle
  • Knock
  • Levitate
  • Web

3rd Level

  • Lightning Bolt
  • Protection from Normal Missiles

Optional D &D Rules

There are few optional rules to note here beyond the weapon specializations.  Using Weapon Specializations does require the GM to allow the Magic-User to have some optional weapons to use but that can add a lot of flavor, like the whip here.  

  • Dagger – Skilled

Being Skilled with a Dagger, Hatim has +1 to hit his armed opponents (+2 for Skilled Weapon Mastery and -1 for his STR penalty) doing 1d6-1 (already factoring in the -1 from his STR).  While this isn’t much, he also gains an additional -1 AC bonus against the first attack from an armed opponent in the round and scores double damage automatically on a natural 20.

  • Whip – Skilled

Using a Whip, Hatim can manage to do 1d4-1 damage with a +1 to hit missile or monstrous foes, but gains a -2 AC bonus against the first two missile weapon or monstrous attacks in a round. When successfully striking an opponent, they are entangled and cannot attack, cast spells or move.  To escape, they must make a saving throw versus Death Ray on their turn, but at a -1 from Hatim’s skill.


Character Notes

Hatim was a good boy from Sind.  His family felt great pride when Hatim demonstrated the spark of magic that had been seen in his father and his father before him and his father before him.  As a member of the Jadugerya caste, his life was better than many, though not as well off the truly exceptional castes. He learned from a young age to watch the way the adults spoke and the half-truths that peppered their ever polite speech.  One day, he would be like his Father and craft the magic weapons and rings sought after by his countrymen.

This sense of duty did not survive an encounter with Allyn, though.  Allyn’s foolhardy nature was on display from the very beginning when he was part of an ill-fated trading venture to Sind.  It isn’t that the Minrothad Merchants don’t trade with Sind, but that this ship and this Captain were wholly unsuited for the task.  Hatim was present when this literally washed-up foreigner was brought before the Rajah.

Something spurred Hatim’s curiosity.  While schooled in the ways of the world and the languages of many of the traders that came through Sind, he knew that he did not understand the world. After helping Allyn uncover a duplicitous trader in the docks, Hatim told his plan to his parents. His knowledge of politics and the way that the powerful thought had helped this foreigner and there was much to learn outside the boundaries of Sind. He would better serve his duties to Sind by travelling and learning more of this world and before he was expected to devote his time to crafting the magical items for the Sindhi as Jadugerya, he should see how other countries treat their crafting and magic-users.

Aside from the stories already recounted, Hatim currently faces a great sadness and longing.  During the War of the Empires, The Master of Hule managed to install a puppet as the ruler of Sind. Hatim’s family spoke against the depredations their people faced and for this they were imprisoned and stripped of their status.  Hatim’s family is imprisoned if not dead, his country in the thrall of one of its longest lasting enemies, and his sense of duty leaves him trapped.  How does he help his family and country? Can Allyn put aside his prodigious appetite for gold to help his old friend?


Callie’s Song Overview Here.

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