The Cermak Street Irregulars – Richie Orlando

January 9, 2018

Design Notes

When putting together this social club, they needed more muscle plain and simple.  Since they were on the Earth side of The Rabbit Hole, Soldiers didn’t feel right and the middle of London seemed to rule out Tribal Warriors.  Being a more lower class focused group, Military Officers and Big Game Hunters were likewise unlikely. I decided that a boisterous and uncouth American Cowboy would be a great option.  Instead of the Cowboy profession, though, I choose the Pioneer for a broader range of skills and a focus on Wilderness Survival in case the Cermak Street Irregulars find themselves in the wild.

Looking for brawn, choosing to play a Snark made sense since their mechanical advantages and limitations play into the character concept. It was a simple thing to get both Dexterity and Toughness to 17 with Strength not far behind at 15.  While the other Stats were left unimpressive, this physical oriented line is a definite plus here. In addition to Wilderness Survival, I choose Firearms, Equestrian, Navigation, Tracking, Unarmed Combat, and Wound Balance as Core and Optional Skills.  For his Free skills, he has Avoid Blow from dodging all the cattle that he got sick of, Athletics, Knowledge (Wild Animals), and Knowledge (Geography). His only language is going to be American English, rather than the usual Queen’s English.

With that 3000 Adventure points after raising enough Core skills to increase his Professional Rank, the first thing I did was raise the level of Strength to 16 to increase his Step by 1 with 800 of them.  I added Durability for 100 Adventure Points and then put a rank in his new slots of Hunting and Shake it Off. His Knowledge (Weather) was added to refine a skillset he probably had coming over on the boat but was still getting used to that London climate. Looking at the remaining Adventure Points, I choose to bolster Firearms, Unarmed Combat, Knowledge (Geography), and Shake it Off just add to his Tough Guy Yank persona.

On the low end of the social class scale, there is not much in the way of gear to worry about equipping.  It’s pretty important for him to have his rope, Stetson, gun, and some armor to keep as our Heavy for the team.  All around, the most effective combat character for the Cermak Street Irregulars, but sometimes the Bull in the China Shoppe on the more delicate investigations.  


Character Notes

Howdy, I’m Richie Orlando straight from the United States of America! Now, don’t be so surprised, my hat should make it easy for you folk to pick me out of a crowd.  Yeah, I did grow up on the range! How can ya tell? I spent mah time roping cattle and learning what it takes to homestead The West, but truth be told I didn’t take to it much.  It was too dry and that dust just got itself into every nook and cranny, I do declare.

Mah Pappy wasn’t happy to see me go, but he know a man has to make his own way in this World. We’d gott through the War Between the States as well as can be expected but I just couldn’t tell what was gonna happen between all the hootenanny at home between the two Countries, so after a year in Atlanta and a year in New York City, I hopped a ticket over here to jolly old England.  I got here just in time, too. These tusks weren’t what God gave me when I came into this world. Not a day went by here before I came down with a right might sickness that made me fear consumption.

Thank you, kindly for this beer.  It’s not the whiskey from home, but I appreciate a neighborly gesture.  As ah was saying, I made it through that fever, but Pappy’s little old boy was a big boy now – a Snark you call me – complete with these tusks.  I have been making it pretty well here; you’ve got those Big Game Hunters that need a guiding hand sometimes from a man who knows the wild. Truth be told, I hope to make it across to The Gruv and see a whole new land.  My pals here on Cermak Street are right good fellows to drink with. Reginald has a brain that reminds me of home with his gruff attitude and Flo is a mighty fine craftswoman. That Herbert, though, he’s a strange one with that school learning he keeps talking about.

No, no, you’re right.  I probably should have stopped a few ticks back.  I don’t quite know the rules you folk have over here for the pretty speech and such, but I thank you again for the beer.


Cermak Street Irregulars Overview Here

Richie Character Sheet


Fillable PDF Sheet from FASA Games.  


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