The Lost Companions – Klatulmayter

January 30, 2018

Design Notes

For the final character of the Lost Companions, I wanted to make a distinctly alien character. The benefit of an RPG is that there is not a weekly budget so you can make a recurring alien without concern for costs. we will keep it generally humanoid but with an equine face, mane, and hooves.

This means that we will take the Alien special trait that opens up additional options but also lets a character go over 6 in an attribute. Looking over our characters so far, we are definitely lacking a charmer so Klatulmayter is going to be a priority Presence character. As an alien, let’s go ahead and just get to a 7 Presence. We will go ahead with a 4 Resolve and 3s in Coordination and Strength. That leaves a 2 in both Awareness and Ingenuity.

Aside from Alien (2), let’s add Attractive (1), Charming(1), and in proper Doctor Who fashion Run For Your Life(1) and Screamer (1). A Natural Weapon(1) with hooves rounds out the positive Traits. For Negative Traits, we will start with the Alien Appearance (1) and then add Clumsy(1), Forgetful(1), and Impulsive(1) to make a rounded character.

Convince and Subterfuge at 5 each are the first skill choices. A single rank of Transport and Craft each. Knowledge of fashion and etiquette seems appropriate at 2 and the final 2 skills in Technology coming from her higher tech level.

Character Notes

One of the scions of a noble house of the Peraxia, Klatulmayter truly has had very little to actually do with her life.  In her brief time so far, she has run free and been a most excellent entertainer. In fact, she has focused greatly on “living a good life” by which she would entertain and make small talk with all the most interesting Peraxians. Her position of privilege left her without the cares of the other Peraxians.  A carefree existence led to a care-free filly.

The problem with a carefree existence is that it can lead one to be resistant or unreceptive to change.  Klatulmayter has these problems in spades as she will often lose her cool when confronted with something new or unexpected, despite her being drawn to leap before she looks. This combination of impulsivity and fear led her to wonder just what was inside a strange blue box that she found when taking her morning constitutional.  An alien came out, but he was … well … magnetic. She followed him into the box and has been whisked around on a whirlwind of adventure since then.

She is slowly overcoming her fears, realizing that this adventure will help her Live a Good Life by experiencing so much more …  but Sgt. Armstrong still frightens her gentle soul and Fen is just too far in her own head. She seems to see things more clearly than the others and for whatever reason, the others seem to listen to her especially when she screams as another alien confronts them all.

The Lost Companions Overview Here

Klatulmayter Equine Alien Sheet.

Fillable Character sheet by Michael Lewis available at  (Registration required)

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