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April 24, 2018

Design Notes

I wanted to touch some on the unfulfilled promise of the game and took a little deeper dive into a Duelist flavored build.  While Duelists are mentioned from the first book as one of the three Divisions and some weapons are given stats, Duelist maneuvers are never fleshed out or developed.  It required some house rules to work but that was easily doable because the game encouraged creation of new styles and maneuvers. When we get to the house rules for Duelist Techniques, I’ll explain what I did.

Once again, we start with Physical Attributes are the primary, but this time we focus on Dexterity for a significantly quick character at the expense of Strength. Marching across the sheet, Social Attributes are secondary with Charisma and Appearance getting bumps and a flat set of Mental Attributes for the Tertiary set.  The starting attribute scores are therefore Strength 2; Dexterity 5; Stamina 3; Charisma 3; Manipulation 2; Appearance 3; Perception 2; Intelligence 2; and Wits 2.

For his Abilities, we will go with Talents primary again but make Knowledges secondary and Skills tertiary.  The first thing in Talents is to get three ranks in Cooking for her background as a cook. Following that with two ranks in Instruction reflects the need to teach newer cooks what to do on the line.  We round out the Talents with a rank each in Alertness, Insight, Streetwise, and Subterfuge. In Skills, two ranks of Leadership follow the Cooking background with a rank each in Security, Stealth, and Survival. Her knowledges are two ranks in Medicine and Science plus an extra rank in Linguistics from her job as a Cook and two more ranks of Investigation to reflect her curious nature. With her free rank in Linguistics plus the additional rank taken, she also speaks Spanish and Portuguese

For starting Techniques, we are going to stretch them a little thinner than the others because we are also using the Knife Technique as a Duelist.  Two ranks each in Punch, Kick, and Knife leave us with just enough to know how to Block and how to Move to start. That means the starting Techniques will be Punch 2; Kick 2; Block 1; Grab 0; Athletics 1; Focus 0, and Knife 2.

With Western Kickboxing, we’ve got a nice array of starting maneuvers including my favorite – Flying Knee Thrust! We will add a Double Hit Kick, Spinning Backfist, and Jump maneuvers to the starting options. For combos, we start with Flying Knee Thrust to close the distance into a Double Hit Kick as a dizzy combo which you can see unfold in your head as you read this..

As a Duelist, we also have a Spinning Back Slash maneuver, which is the Spinning Backfist maneuver using the Knife technique.  For the House Rules I am using, if you choose a maneuver for your weapon use that is the same as a maneuver you already have (and it fits what you Style), I let you buy the maneuver for a single additional power point. If you are buying a duelist maneuver without having the non-weapon based maneuver, it is full price.  This is similar to the progression available for the Dashing Punch followed by Dashing Uppercut maneuvers. The weapon Technique replaces the primary Technique, usually Punch or Kick, for prerequisites. We will use this more as we go with advancement.

The two most important backgrounds for Georgia are going to be Contacts and Allies.  She is going to be able to call people up and hear things like others won’t from her background and connections.  In debating between increasing her contacts and giving her a low level of resources to start, I went back and forth until ending up on increasing the Contacts to three for more interesting roleplaying potential.

Despite appearing to be similar on the surface to Georgia, she is actually split like Gunther with 2 Honor and 1 Glory to start.  You have to keep your word in the food industry and she has a reputation of doing just that, even if it comes with a side of truth telling everybody doesn’t always want to hear !

For the Freebie points, I’m going to max out Willpower first. With the remainder of the Freebie points, I will raise her Wits and Strength to Three each to just keep things well rounded and be able to focus on Techniques or Maneuvers with the Advancement XP.


Advancement Notes

For fun, though, we are advancing the entire Team a bit to show how to develop the characters with Experience.  50 Experience gives us plenty to work with. The first several purchases are all for techniques, bringing Block, Athletics, and Knife up to 3 each for 9XP, 9XP, and 6XP respectively. Adding the Axe Kick (8XP) and a Spinning Slashes (12XP) based on the Spinning Knuckle maneuver gets us to a total of 44XP. The last few XP will go into Abilities where I believe she is well served with two ranks in Interrogation for 4XP and raising her Awareness to two ranks for 2XP.

The Axe Kick provides a high damage signature maneuver she can use without needing to drop her knife or knives while the Spinning Slashes is a worthwhile signature for her weapons and lets her evade projectiles while using it.  The Axe Kick provides a really good 10 Damage Pool for a relatively low strength character that can be used without Willpower of Chi expenditures and can be used while also using the Knives. The Spinning Slashes is based off of Cammy’s Spinning Knuckle maneuver that not only has a great ability to cover distance, provides two damage resolutions, but also can evade projectiles like fireballs and sonic booms, but does cost Willpower to use. For now, she hasn’t learned how to use it without the knives, but that is something she could ease into later.


Character Notes

Some people are destined to end up as a Street Fighter … others merely end up as a Street Fighter. Georgia is one of the latter, never one thought to be part of that drive, that determination, that type of world.  Georgia’s life was for lack of a better world mostly normal. She had her friends and her world; she made mistakes and had triumphs. Growing up in South Carolina made for a pretty good life for her. Georgia took her mother’s love of cooking and was making a life of that, despite her lack of formal training.

Then she received a cancer diagnosis.

It wasn’t easy, but she came through it.  Being nearly broken by cancer gave he a chance to put things back together.  She paid more attention to what she actually ate, started exercising to keep her strength up, and let her hair down figuratively.  Embracing life fully after the cancer was in remission, Georgia found out that she actually liked exercising and easily fell into Kickboxing as a way to get even more out of life.

Surprisingly enough, she was talented and driven in her Kickboxing and started to make a name for herself when she started fighting.  Her previous life had some basic self defense training, but this was something different, something special now that she saw life a bit more brightly.  The knife skills she was taught as an aside, starting with how to disarm a knife wielding attacker, ended being easily folded into her skills. Being a cook, holding a knife came naturally to her.        

It wasn’t long before the hard charging cook wanted more of a challenge than she found on the line.  Cooking was fulfilling and bringing her family’s lowcountry recipes – ask her to make Shrimp and Grits if you get the chance – to more people was invigorating.  It wasn’t as invigorating as the Street Fighting circuit. With a great story, and striking look, it was easy to find someone putting a team together.

She had already made a lot of friends doing this, so maybe she could make some money too.  Being added to Palladion gave her the chance to make a name for herself while still able to have some protection and friends. She finds herself constantly ribbing Gunther, as his Team Dad persona is just asking for a rebellious kid.  She and Bombastic also tend to be the ones to get into trouble, but glory is glory and a party is a party for now! Emanuel may be a kid, but that kid has a good head on his shoulders so Georgia’s sticking with it for now.

In the ring, Georgia wears a two piece ensemble with slightly loose fitting pants giving her a full range of motion for her kicks with a top inspired by a chef’s coat with it’s double breasted buttons and three quarter sleeves.  The yellow coat over the checked pants are pretty bright and hard to miss while she keeps her hair cut short, and tattoos that peak out from the edges of the coat.

Georgia Sheet Here

Palladion Overview Here.

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