The Uncovered Vale – Paul “Warrior” Scheno

October 9, 2018

I always knew that the second major combatant in this Oathcicle would be the Boggan rather than the Redcap.  You may have noticed by now that I enjoy subverting tropes and stereotypes. Thinking about the pleasant face of a boggan and combat got me into the mood of Saturday Morning Kung Fu Theatre and wuxia movies, especially some of the Shaw Brothers movies and I took inspiration from there.  There were some larger and stouter martial artists who did remarkable feats of athletics that served as the basis for Paul.

I found the form fillable two page Sheets, and linked to them below, but I won’t repeat too much on the sheet that is going into the words below in the Character Notes.

Design Notes

Paul returns us to making a Primary physical character and is not terribly adept socially, which is a nice way for a Boggan to sort of luck into getting things done.  He has that helpful, almost jovial warrior sort of idea about him. The guy who sticks up for the bullied that you didn’t expect.

The selfless and giving soul we have described is a shoe in for the Saint Seelie Legacy.  This focuses well on his desire to help, and also on the Boggan’s own Frailty. COnversely, the Rake Unseelie Legacy reflects the fed up personality that can come out if Paul switches Courts – the selfish sensualist who cares little for others.  These also fit within the archetypes of the Kung Fu movies that serve as the character inspiration – the giving hero who steps in the way of oppression and the gluttonous demon or fallen hero that is often the opposition. As a Wilder, the dynamic and driven of us, Paul starts with 4 Glamour, 2 WIllpower, and 3 Banality.   

As a Boggan, Paul receives the Birthrights of Craftwork and Social Dynamics.  That means that his steadfast behavior allows him to accomplish any simple physical task such as craftwork of labor in one third of the time.  Similarly, they notice things about households and can determine the relationships between groups of people by observing their behavior and the subtle hints of human interaction.  A frailty, though, is the Call of the Needy where Paul will not be able to avoid assisting those in need. As you can see, the Saint Seelie Legacy is tailor made for a good Boggan.

Because I want the agility of movie stars like Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung, Paul’s Primary Physical Attributes will be Strength 2, Dexterity 5, and Stamina 3. Secondary Attributes in Mental let me do a Perception of 2, Intelligence of 2, and Wits of 4 – paul is pretty average in his mental abilities, but reacts with superb speed to new situations.  Finally, furthering some of the ideas from the inspiration, I will make his Social Attributes a3 Charisma, 1 Manipulation, and 2 Appearance – Paul is trusted and a little charming but absolutely guileless in his pursuit of helping others.

For a Martial Artist, Athletics, Brawl, and Dodge will be the most important Abilities, so Talents will be Primary (13).  With three in each of those three, I will add a rank of Alertness and Streetwise, but 2 of Empathy for his Social Dynamics rolls.  With little in the way of book learning important to Paul, Skills will be Secondary (9) and Knowledges Tertiary (5). For those Skills, I will put a pair of ranks into Stealth, Melee, and Crafts to reflect the ideas of being light on his feet, having some weapon training, and the innate Boggan tendency towards building things.  A rank each of Security and Etiquette will round out the skills while Knowledges get a single rank each in Enigmas, Greymare, Investigation, Linguistics (Chinese), and Lore.

Paul’s Backgrounds took a little bit of pondering to be honest.  There is the initial Rank of Holdings to represent the Freehold he is helping govern and protect, and then maybe a rank of Resources to reflect his part time job as a janitor at a local shop but what to do with the other three? After not having enough points on Denys for the Chimerical Dragon, I’ll add a few ranks here for the Dragon to show up somewhere and a single rank in Treasures for Paul to have something of value to the Dreaming.  

I am sticking with a straightforward three Ranks in Wayfare for Paul.  The leaping and quicksilver bits are things that play into his core concept, but the Portal Passage Cantrip to be able to make an opening in something to pass through just is too much fun.  Because he needs to be able to affect himself, the Fae realm with one Rank for Commoner is the start. After that, I’ll add three Ranks of Nature for Portal Passage’s efficacy and then a Rank of Scene in case he needs to make a really big door or get everybody jumping.

Finally, we get to Freebie Points, Merits, and Flaws.  Freebie Points let you customize your character beyond what we’ve done already.  Merits are other bonuses or traits that don’t fit elsewhere and cost Freebie points while Flaws are the inverse providing a handful more Freebie points to spend. Even as a little bit on the pudgy side, I want Paul to be fit so I will buy his Strength up to 3 for 5 Freebie points.  6 more points will go into raising Dodge to 5 and Brawl to 4 in his Abilities. Paul has some great Merits to choose like Daredevil for 3 points that will create an incentive to be risky even without a great die pool for it. As a Flaw, I pick up Lifesaver which goes to Paul’s good heart and his desire to not kill anyone and balance this with … well … Perfect Balance as a Merit. I think I want more Ability points, but with only 1 Freebie left, I need a few more Flaws.  I will take an Enemy, or a Rival as someone to challenge Paul and fit into the existing concept for 1 more Freebie to get a fourth Rank in Athletics. The other 2 and 3 Point Flaws I see are ones that I have already used, so I am going to leave it there.

Character Notes

Who knew VCR and some dusty old Tapes would awaken the Dreaming and Glamour of a Changeling? Paul Scheno has his eyes light up watching the tapes in the back room of the video store where he worked odd jobs on the weekends.  His Uncle owned the store, so child labor laws never seemed to apply and it was something physical for an unmotivated a slightly overweight kid to do.

Paul was settling into a comfortable path of being lazy and tired, reinforced by the banal views of people his size and weight from society until he watched those videos.  Old Kung Fu Action flicks had been hidden in the back of the store, and a VCR to play them. On the movies he saw men shaped like him dance with grace. He saw men his size act with authority. He had his Chrysalis as he realized there were no CGI effects to fake these actions. He saw that his shape and size were no barrier to achievement and with good fortune realized he was a Boggan.

He set his nose to the grindstone.  Through perseverance, he began moving and exercising still helping his Uncle out at the video store.  He convinced his parents to enroll him in kung fu classes locally and he excelled at soaking up the learning and lore provided to him.   He was still on the rotund side, but he loved himself and all of his curves, quietly confident in his ability to do whatever needed doing.

Flipping around when nobody was looking to dust the ceiling fans of the store, Paul began to venture out further to see the Fae around him and explore the Dreaming.  He so often would push himself across town running after Chimera that his Freerunning became known. As he moved into High School he also found his way formally to the Freehold of Baron Gottfried.  He was well appreciated at the Freehold being a Boggan with a knock and skill at cleaning. He was not, however, recognized for his desire to fight and move forward. Whispering Wind was one to help him and one to see that his kindness masked a resolute soul.

Eventually, even Niklaus and Alexandra crossed his path.  Teenagers at the same high school, fae of about same age, it was inevitable that they would meet.  Paul’s unsupressable earnestness was odd to his fellows. He didn’t have an ounce of slyness in him, but he also wouldn’t hesitate to stand up for what is right.  He was a Paladin in so many ways. And Alexandra caught his eye. Teenagers and hormones make for odd couples, and he fell head over heels for Alex and Alexandra. As a fae, it was not better and in fact intoxicatingly worse. Paul knows exactly what this is, but she hasn’t given him an indication to stop – and as a Boggan that’s something he would honor. He’s had his share of flirtations, but it’s a connection he can scarcely explain that seems to draw his eyes back to the Sage of a Satyr, even as she fights the closest thing to a demon that the fae know.

It was a relief to find the Court of the fae, to be honest.  He was beginning to run low on hope. He saw all the amazing things he could do, even without a Cantrip and the Dreaming – he saw the amazing things anyone could do.  They only wanted to see CGI fantasy. Paul was an embodiment of a lost art and a passed time.

Maybe that is why he was moved to volunteer to go with the other commoners to the Freehold. Maybe it was to stay close to the object of his affections … or maybe it was a sense of duty to his fellow fae.  He could show them, and the rest of the Kithain, he could show them how a Boggan could save their honor. Or he would go down trying.


Paul Scheno – Wilder Boggan Warrior Character Sheet

Changeling: The Dreaming & The Uncovered Vale Overview Here.


Character Sheet from Mr. Gone’s Character Sheets.

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