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March 9, 2019

Its been a few weeks since the last Card Catalog post was able to make it up! I want to send a quick apology to those of you who have been patiently waiting for me! Work has been quite intense lately and there is a touch of the flu that has hit the Guard-a-Manger household so the perfect storm of time and energy lost has occurred!

Whats the plan? The plan is to catch up and then add a week between some series to help me get some time to build the backlog up for the future posts. In the light of future posts, I do want to know what you want to see! I’ll share what I’ve got planned right now but if there are systems and worlds that you want to see covered in the future – Drop a comment here, on FB, Twitter, or Instagram! Find our Patreon and Discord for an even more direct line to all of us here on Seize the GM!

First – We finish the 1 Pilot, 3 Ways series! There is a good amount of work done on the Starfinder and FATE versions but doing the fine tuning and writing hasn’t been finished. That’s sometime in the next week or two. After that, I’ll take a week to start building up some space and come back to a superheroic system that we’ve talked about before but not explained – The Marvel SuperHeroes FASERIP system and continue with the current plan to continue on in the Argonaut’s world and setting. I’ve got ideas that are percolating to expand the FATE write up in 1 Pilot, 3 Ways to a whole series and will be drafting my fellow Seize the GMers to help fill that out if you are familiar with FATE’s character generation methods. We did the Steampunk 1879 from FASA, and had a single Earthdawn character in 1 Archer, 3 Ways, but I am working on the rest of Balama’s group to explore some ways to use Earthdawn in different ways.

I have an idea for another break in the usual series tentatively titled “Edition Wars“. Where 1 X, 3 Ways takes one concept through three different systems, this would take existing concepts and run them through different editions or versions of the same game to highlight both the mechanical and narrative changes that have happened. I could take a series I’ve already done, update them by a few levels or XP to give the narrative hook from the work and then have one or two new characters to highlight how it changed. Rifts may not have a new “edition” but there were some significant changes to the world and the classes in the Ultimate Rifts Edition Core Book, which I picked up after making T-Ball’s Pack.

What do you want to see after all of these? Sci-Fi? Fantasy? A particular crunchy system or a particular setting? I am getting a real urge to have 2019 be the year of the supers the way 2018 seemed to be the year of the sci-fi but I am certainly flexible!

Again, sorry that the nature of offline has made it difficult to keep the Card Catalog on a regular basis but you have my word I am working on keeping the rest of the year stocked up on the written word just as soon as I can catch up on sleep.

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