Seize the GM
Seize the GM
Dog Days of Podcasting 2017 Day 2

Zeke Duncan

Zeke is a gutterpunk on the streets of New Orleans. He makes his way about the city at night. No one has seen him before nightfall. Now most people never give him another glance since he looks like any of the other gutterpunks that hang out on the streets. The fact that he is a vampire is a well guarded secret.

He has not been a vampire for very long. Only about a year, which has been educational. He has been slowly doing things to improve his station among the vampires in the city. At some point he might even make it off the streets.

Mannerisms: Zeke is a guy that will do things others would never do to get ahead. He is also looking for other young vampires to hang out with so he might learn more about the other vampires that have been there for a long time.

Short History: He ran away from home at a young age. He learned to find food and shelter. One night while panhandling he made the mistake of trying to get an old vampire to give him money. Zeke later followed the guy to his house and broke in figuring he could steal some things for cash. The vampire at this point had enough of this young punk and gave him a choice become a vampire or die at his hands. Zeke is no fool he made his choice.


Teller of the Tales Kevin MacLeod (

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