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Seize the GM
Dog Days of Podcasting: Day 10 the Town of Das


Type: Small Town (Pop. 500)

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Rulers:  Captain Daloron and Mayor Tiver

Government: Dyarchy

Notable NPC’s: Kavion- Smith, Lt. Stevia- Quartermaster, Bal- Inn Keeper

Notable Locations: The Ruins, The Blasted Mug

Adventure Hooks: Someone wants to hire a PC to guard them as they go into the Ruins to find a lost Family Heirloom. Looking for spies to infiltrate the military forces massing on the other side of the border. Rumor has it that the old tin mine has strange music coming out of it on the night of full moons.

Das was a once prospering town, with some of the best shipwrights, that feel on hard times those being a border dispute. Whole sections of town have been torn down. With over half of the town’s residents gone, and more than half the garrison of military troops having been pulled out, things look grim indeed. Das is a key port town because it has some of the deepest water in the whole region. For the last month fights have been growing more lopsided not in the town’s favor. Over half the town’s population is military forces the next few battles will determine the state of this town and many along the bay.

“Myst on the Moor”

Kevin MacLeod (

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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