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Dog Days of Podcasting: Day 8 Candoron "Spires of the Protectorate"


“The Spires of the Protectorate”

Type: Metropolis (50,000)

Alignment: Neutral Good

Ruler: Lady Regent Protector Galianus of House Thada beholden to the Empire of


Government: Colonialist Hegemony

Notable NPC’s: Lady Galianus, Sir Dofani, Katina Weshia, Captain Nalius,

Notable Locations: Temples of Drafus and Aldren, Spire of House Thada, The Spinning

    Dervish, The Pits, Dockside

Rumors: Under the foundations of the city are ways into Night Below. House Thada contains a

             portal to the Imperial city and to the emperors bedchambers. Lady Galianus is in league

             with the local Resistance to the empire.

Candoron is a strange city in that it is built on top of three islands in the middle of the Fordalian River. There is also a major trade road that crosses the river here. The city has the ability to pull the bridges up that cross the river on both sides of town. It is also possible to pull up the major through fares between islands as well.  Therefore the city itself does not have the ability to truly spread out. Once it filled the islands it had to grow up. With that being the case there are bridges and walkways that spread around. The closer to the ground you are the poorer you tend to be. There is no magic holding these spires up it is almost entirely the work of dwarves. Most building are stone that have a strong foundation. These islands that the city sits on are granite. The Lady Regent had been sent here to help hold this portion of the empire over 10 years ago with little to no contact with the empire other than troops.

“Myst on the Moor”

Kevin MacLeod (

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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