Seize the GM
Seize the GM
Episode 113: Interview with Tony, Dave and Kurt from BattleLords

Main Topic 


  • How would you describe Battlelords of the 23rd Century? 
  • Right away is anyone on the team current or prior military?
  • In Charlie Foxtrot there are a bunch of scenarios and example groups. Are they tied into the metaplot of the universe? And if so how?
  • While called “Battlelords”, the CRB discusses other types of campaigns that are possible in the setting – what is your favorite non-standard campaign and character?
  • There is a clearly retro-futuristic vibe for Battlelords, aside from the 3 “G”s, what do you consider essential for the setting to be Battlelords?
  • As a Gear heavy game, what is your favorite piece of Gear to use for a character?
  • With 30 years of history, how would you say Battlelords has changed? Stayed the same?
  • What part of the Battlelords universe do you want to hear about fans and gaming tables filling in?
  • What is your favorite part of the “secret history” of the world?  Mine is the Atlanteans …
  • Is Uncle Ernie the embodiment of a chaotic evil force?
  • If a Battlelord Fott, Runequest Durulz, and Starjammer Giff were in a three way battle royale, who would prevail?
  • Savage World Port?

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