Seize the GM
Seize the GM
Episode 125: Five Years and Counting

Main Topic

So we have been going for a full five years and counting. We have had a fun trip and today we will talk about how we got this going and what we were thinking for the next five. 

Closing remarks 

Zendead – Normally I have something but most of my things are boxes up at the present. So I will say if you can get outside do it. The summer is here and also get vaccinated please. 

Joules – Gloom, the card game.

Guard-a-Manger – Feast of Legends! Try a new RPG, for free! Yes, it is a bit manipulative. Yes, it is a tongue in cheek joke. It is, however, proof of the primacy of geek culture and is worth the laugh. We all can use some more laughs right now. 

Music is courtesy of Sim on Twitter you can find him at @TheSimulacrae

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