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Episode 135: Evil Overlords

Main Topic

The Evil Overlord is an iconic stereotype of games and books. This one leans into the fantasy realms more so than some of the other villains. At least I feel that way. This stereotype is not like most villains because they are not the villain that you can really interact with early on in a game other than as a plot device. Way back in episode 82 we talked about regular villains, if you want to see what we thought of those please check it out. 

A few points to keep in mind as you work out the Evil Overlord are as follows

  1. They don’t have to be on the same power level as the characters. It is true they are not characters or regular bad guys so their power level doesn’t have to be on the same level as the characters. 
  2. They are not going to fill the special role other than as the ultimate bad guy. Evil Overlords can be evil just for evil’s sake. It is true that they are a special type of opponent for the players. 
  3. Finally If they need something they have it. Or they can do what they need to be able to do. Because of the two other points they can not just bend or break the rules. The rules don’t really apply to them. Think of them more as a plot device that can have the massive floating castle if that is what you need him to have. 

Stat Blocks


The Sanguine Oubliette 

When you have vexxed the Lord Emperor to the point that he needs to use you as an example the Sanguine Oubliette is used. What is it I hear you say? Well it is when you go to be forgotten. Though it is much more and worse than that. The name alone can conjure its own frightening imagery. 

In truth if you have made the Lord Emperor upset enough to have you sent here then be ready for what comes from that. While it is horrible that you get thrown in this prison the more troubling part comes after you have been here for a few days. Then you see in one of the cages your spouse. Then maybe a cousin or your child. And the cages get moved in the pit so they are above you. Then you see that they changed out the bars for wire. Now you see how the oubliette got the first part of its name. This continues till there is no one from your bloodline left to bleed for you. 

After the slow process of torture that this is breaks you, it is then your turn to bleed for the Sanguine Oubliette. 

How to UseThe Sanguine Oubliette in Game:

The idea of a way to torture you at the cost of your family is something that I feel is a strange sort of twist on the normal. This can be used as is or changed in such a way that it tugs at players heartstrings. Everyone has someone they care about. 


Surtur Omega

The invasion has been 10 years going.  They’ve slaughtered half the population.  The rest have been subjugated.  Forced labour, horrendous experiments, a waking nightmare spawned from hell’s darkest fantasies.  After the populace was seemingly pacified, they turned to pillaging our natural resources.  Metals, water, rare elements, even the very air.  The invaders made sure to demonstrate their superiority in all ways.  Driving home the message that victory was impossible.  

The invaders should have studied our history, our literature, our media.  

The invaders saw us as no better than animals. No smarter than animals.  They didn’t know about the battle of Thermopalye or the meat grinder that was the battle of Stalingrad.  The invaders had no concept of a pyrrhic victory or Fabian tactics.  They never read Sun Tsu, Grant Morrison’s JLA Rock of Ages or Harlan Ellison’s I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream.  They never saw The Avengers.

The extinction of humanity was now an undeniable certainty.  The invaders had no idea that they created the instrument of their own annihilation.  A people with nothing left to lose.  Small pockets of resistance started working towards a common goal.  A pocket in Zurich, perhaps in an echo of historic pride, started calling their work “The Surtur Protocol.”  It stuck.  And work progressed rapidly.  Safety wasn’t necessary, only effectiveness was.  The resistance cell in the Mediterranean  were the ones who finished the final step.  An intricate program to coordinate the Surtur Protocol world wide.  The countdown began that day.

When the counter hit zero, the whole world shook.  Fault lines stretched and split.  Volcanoes erupted and landslides smashed into the invaders’ installations.  The seas were instantly vaporized, increasing atmospheric pressure and causing near constant violent lightning storms.  The trap was now shut.  And as the earth tore itself apart, the invaders heard the digitized voice of their executioners. 

“This Realm Now Belongs to Surtur Omega. Wherein Dwells the Rage and Hatred of the Unconquered.”

How to Use Surtur Omega in Game:

This can be used as an event that happened a long time ago.  Or someone woke it up and there can be a weird prophecy about something waking and raising hell.


Potentate noun po·​ten·​tate | \ ˈpō-tᵊn-ˌtāt  \

Definition of potentate


broadly : one who wields great power or sway

It comes from the Late Latin potentatus

First Known Use of potentate

15th century

Look-up Popularity

Top 4% of words

Closing remarks 

Zendead – With the holidays going on take the time to unplug and spend time with your family and loved ones. Unless they are not able to be with you then do it how you have too. 

Joules – How To by Randal Munroe

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