Seize the GM
Seize the GM
Episode 14: Locations, The window dressing of the setting

Main Topic

Locations and how they build the setting and give it character.


Stat Blocks


Davin Boday is the headmaster and virtuoso of the College of the Black Star. Davin has spent many years working on building the college into what it is today. He is an amazing performer that has changed his style a number of times over his life. At present he puts on the airs of a priest. His musical style of lute and song. He got his start in the rough part of town and worked for meals.  Now he is sought by nobles and wealthy merchants to play for them. From time to time he has been known to sneak into one of his old haunts and play shows for free. Thou he mostly spends his days teaching with other bards the newest and the most promising students.


Davin is a willowy tall man. His bloodline holds a bit of the elven in it. For he is in his late 60’s but doesn’t appear much over his 40’s. He has blondish colored hair at present, that is long and kept in a ponytail mostly. He wears bits and pieces from many different clergy. He has also taken to wearing a blindfold of muslin with a single eye painted in the center of his forehead.


His lute is something of a legend. It has been with him since he started working as a bard. It is never out of tune and has been hitten by things that should have broken it. How he got this and what it actually is no one is sure of.


Joules- “The Maimer”

Everyone has their standard toolkit.  It could be a reinforced carpet bag full of chemicals or a pouch of reagents, a utility belt, or even a walking piece of luggage.  It’s become a such part of their being that the individual feels “off” if they forget it. They’ve modded and moulded this piece of equipment to their exact specifications and requirements.  It always has what they need and it’s pulled them out of a few scrapes before.


And when someone’s enemy finds out about the toolkit, they now have a perfect attack vector.  And this ne’er do well introduces “The Maimer.” How this item is made, no one knows. The creators of this item guard their secrets carefully.  


The Maimer is made to look like the target’s toolkit.  Size, weight, heft, smell and even the small defects that develop over time are replicated in excruciating detail.  Then, based on the buyers request, the craftsman adds that “special something.” It could be anything from a snap trap that will crush a hand, rendering the appendage useless, a psychoactive mushroom derivative cloud that twists a person’s mind,  to a localized nerve agent that removes the victim’s fine motor control. The possibilities are endless. But there is a restriction.


The Maimer’s effects are non fatal.  They’re designed to be permanently destructive but not fatal.  Removing a surgeon’s fine motor control, handicapping a scientist’s mind from thinking clearly, or destroying a chef’s sense of smell.  But if you’re thinking that this is due to some kind of kindness or compassion, you’re sorely mistaken. This is the sadist’s weapon. You can only kill someone once, but you can destroy someone over and over and over.


Nulloperations –

The Grand Champion Box Set


No one can back down from a true call to heroism, and the Grand Champion Box Set (figures sold separately) gives any would be champion the chance to show their steel. With this game in hand, you will be able solve any riddle, puzzle, or physical challenge with ease thanks to tokens of magic, injections of serums, or other powerful enhancements users of the game are granted. The Grand Champion Box Set is fun for the entire adventuring party! Draw a loot card to see what lies and misdeeds your allies hide from you. Land on their homesteads and see the broken paths of destiny they have steered you away from. Roll the dice and learn when their sinister plot against you will take place!


The Grand Champion Box Set is guaranteed to lead you down the path of great heroes and tyrants. You’ll learn the necessary skills to survive what your once loyal best friend is going to do to your dreams. You won’t have to put up with the romantic interest stringing you along when your desire for mortal comforts are robbed from you and only the quest remains. The box will see you through, no matter the cost!


Warning, the Grand Champion Box Set comes pre-equipped with guaranteed CURSE-TEK applications, and will magically adhere or medically inject its commands into the owner of the box. Breaking the curse is considered breach of TOS and thus nullifies any warranty or refund for this product.


The Grand Champion Box Set. After all, you are a champion, aren’t you?


Order with caution. All purchases recorded and authorities will be notified.






noun  nar·co·sis \när-ˈkō-səs\


Definition of narcosis
plural narcoses \när-ˈkō-ˌsēz\
:  a state of stupor, unconsciousness, or arrested activity produced by the influence of narcotics or other chemical or physical agents


Origin and Etymology
New Latin, from Greek narkōsis, action of benumbing, from narkoun

Closing remarks

Zendead- OontZ Speakers also Lord Zsezse Works


Joules – Pit People


Nulloperations- Abstract: The Art of Design


Music is courtesy of The Enigma TNG you can find his music on YouTube or on Bandcamp


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