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Seize the GM
Episode 155: Eden Ship Locales and Beyond

Main Topic

As we talked about a bit last time, the locations in and around the ship are easy focal points for adventure. This time we are going to add a few more locations and at least one will be from beyond the ship and its sphere of influence. 

Stat Blocks


Fighter Bay 2

Fighter Bay 2 is for the Fold Drive Wing, also called the Polo. While it might seem that a fighter wing bay would not be a place that much happens on you would be mistaken. The Polo Boys when not flying missions tend to hang out here working on their ships. While most of the pilots are not able to make major changes to the ships they have found ways to tweak and fiddle with them. The wing is the smallest one in the fleet since they were not able to create the number of fold drives that they wanted before the launch. This wing is only eight strong now. Two ships have had mishaps over the years. 

The ship’s bay is big for the number of ships in it. That is because they are the pilots that get to jump away from Eden and look for fuel and supplies. Fold engines use a special type of ionized element that is not common. Polonium is that element and it is rare so the fields that keep it from having radioactive leaks must be maintained. So if things here were to go sideways then you never know what might happen. 

CB 549AJ

CB 549AJ is a super earth sized planet but the sun that it revolves around is much too cold to have life on as we know. The Polo Boys scouted it fast since there isn’t much fuel left for the fold drives. Water supplies are getting low at present but this Celestial Body shows hope for being able to get the water needed. The hydroponic fields will also be needing the other minerals that should be found on a planet this size. While it will not be able to set down, there is the option of getting some supplies and getting back on track. 

There is an atmosphere but it is very thin. Its major component is Fluorine gas, at 85% and Nitrogen makes up the majority at 10.2%, and Oxygen is only at 3% with a few other gasses present. The ambient temperature of the planet is around -55⁰ C at the equator. The poles get much colder in the range of -300⁰ C. The water that is there might be under a sheet of Fluorine liquid which is highly dangerous for humans. What kind of creatures, if any, can survive on this toxic ice cold ball of hell.  

The Gene Cradle

The Gene Cradle is a part of the Life Science Section on the ship. While it seems like the main cradle would be massive it is only part of the full genome of the crew and animals humankind are bringing along to the new world. The biggest part of the cradle is filled with the genomes of humans. It is kept frozen in the hopes that that will keep the genes that have been sequenced from getting damaged by radiation. The biggest thing is though that the people on the ship are also having babies, They are the ones that are bringing the most mutations into the ship.

The Cradle is made up of the freezers, the massive computers and storage for those genomes that they were able to download to the ship. In addition there are the tanks that are capable of rebuilding the dna while that is just part of the process these tanks contain free nucleic acids and nanobots. In this state the tanks can not be corrupted by the cosmic energy that sometimes gets into the ship. But what if there was someone that had ideas on how humans and the creatures we bring to this new world will be shaped to fit it or their idea of how to fit in. 



The collegium was meant to serve as the ship’s seat of diplomacy and politics.  Unfortunately not enough people made it on the ship to make efficient use of the space.  The space was then designated to be a place of learning.  Students attend lessons, engineers share discoveries, navigators update the star maps, and security and military run tactical simulations.  The Collegium is equipped with various holo emitters (large and small scale both), terminals, and various recording devices.  Pretty standard.  What made the place special was its full modularity.  It doesn’t take long to re-configure the space to an amphitheater, planetarium, war room, even an all school classroom. Each wall piece is attached to a modular arm with 360 degree rotational capabilities.  It is a simple matter to program in a new configuration, and within a few moments, the room has been reset.  As the voyage continues, the uses for this room will probably expand exponentially.  And hopefully the children will stop sticking gum under the chairs.

Crazy Paytons Discount * Bazaar

While Crazy Payton’s Discount * Bazaar doesn’t have a defined location, it definitely has become a fixture on the ship.  (and yes the “*” is part of the name. since what type of bazaar is up to the whims of its proprietor.)  The Bazaar pops up randomly in different areas of the ship.  The items proffered are equally as random.  Although, they do always follow a theme.  One day it may be snack treats, another may be random technical gewgaws.  A month ago, the Bazaar hosted the first “Doomsday Tuesday” sale. (Security is still trying to run down all the contraband that was sold.)  While the proprietor is definately crazy, they’re not stupid.  Keeping physical items front and center is risky (Contraband in the open? Are you out of your mind)  and dangerous (ok who pushed the on button on the 4th dimension doomsday device).  The items for sale are all digitally displayed.  If an item catches your interest, you select its digital simulacrum.  An encrypted payment prompt is then displayed.  After payment is sent and confirmed, you’re given a location as to where to pick up your item.  (Some of the old timers call it a “dead drop” location.)  And as mysteriously as it appears, the bazaar vanishes.  To this day, no one is sure who “Crazy Payton” is, as they have gone through great lengths to hide their identity as well as their stock from well trained prying eyes of the ship’s security.


“It’s not safe out here. It’s wondrous, with treasures to satiate desires both subtle and gross. But it’s not for the timid.” – Q from “Star Trek: The Next Generation”

Liquid water is almost impossible to find in space.  For water to remain liquid, specific pressures and temperatures must be present.  Else it either freezes into ice or sublimates into a gas.  Which makes the hydrosphere one of the greatest mysteries discovered thus far.  It’s a free standing sphere of water, a kilometer across.  Readings have not been able to identify any natural or technical reason for its existence.  It’s just… There.  No external forces have been identified that would allow the hydrosphere to remain entirely liquid (gravitational/radiation and the like).  And no external forces seem to affect its shape for long.  It kind of “snaps” back into shape.  Like a rubber band.  There is no reason under the current understanding of physics why this would happen.  Analysis of the water has found that it is similar in makeup to the comets that once orbited our solar system.  However, the strangeness of the Hydrosphere precludes the ship from harvesting the water.  Or messing with it in any way, shape, or form for that matter.  There’s something out there causing this, and right now the ship has way too many other issues to consider.  It’s best to leave something that can break the laws of physics well enough alone.

Closing remarks 

    Zendead – Syrinscape I haven’t talked about it recently but I do still love this audio soundboard. I use it all the time with my daughter’s game I am running. I will be doing more with it again soon. 

    Joules – Untitled Goose Game – Be Goose.  Be Jerk. Honk Honk!

Music is courtesy of Sim on Twitter you can find him at @TheSimulacrae

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