Seize the GM
Seize the GM
Episode 18: To Mini or not to Mini that is the Question

Main Topic

Today we have a fun discussion about miniatures at the table.


Stat Blocks

Zendead- Karotin the faithful is a faith healer like no other. He is able to heal the laim and afflicted. Karotin is able to use anything that he touches to “channel” the power of his gods to heal you. Weather he blows air on you or hits you with his shirt or pours a drink on you. He preachers to large groups of people and gets them to pay him to do the things that he does. Is he a charlatan? Most likely if you use him in a fantasy setting, in a modern of scifi setting then he might or might not be. It could be interesting if he was able to heal with a touch.  

Now is he actually able to heal people or do they just think they are better? This is for the game to determine. If you want a reference for this guy think Benny Hinn the TV evangelist.


Joules – Dance by Wire Club

Welcome to the Dance by Wire club.  I take it this is your first time coming?  Well, welcome. You’re in for an experience like no other.  Trust me.


Ok first we need you to take a little test.  No no no. Nothing like that. We’re seeing your natural dance ability and getting measurements for your range of motion.  Great, I see you have some skill wires too. I need to know what rating they are. We have a wide variety of dance skill softs for rent.  We need to be sure that the dance style and skill soft rating match up with your cyberware. To see the whole catalogue, pick the dance catalog’s AR icon.  Fantastic!


You see the little map AR icon?  That displays club’s layout. The club is set up kind of colosseum style with 7 floors.  Floor 7 is at the top and is the largest. People of all skill levels can dance here. There are 3 bars on this floor and a various smattering of booths where you can order something to snack on.  Yep the floors are clear. I’ll get to that in just a minute.


Floors six through one are restricted.  No it’s not a money thing. It’s actually based on how well you dance.  Better dancers get access to the lower levels. Hence the smaller and smaller dance floors.  When there is truly a spectacular dancer, everyone wants to see them dance. This setup makes it easier.  No no, you’re not confined to that floor. Your floor access allows you to dance on that floor and all the floors above.  And yes there are bars on every floor.


Right below floor one is the DJ booth.  Old Man QWERTY usually spins. That old dwarf had a reputation back in the day as one of the most unconventional deckers.  Even in retirement he still comes up with unconventional uses for tech. You ever hear of a TAC-NET program? Yeah where everyone’s networked and using that network gets everyone a little boost?  Well Old Man QWERTY found a better use for it. Everyone kind of feeds their music and dance “vibe”into the TAC-NET. That data is fed to the DJ, and he melds it to the music and sends it out to all the club patrons.  No it’s not invasive or anything like that. Actually think of it as turning a set of headphones into speakers. It’s shared while you want to share it and you can turn the speakers back into headphones. I know not a perfect metaphor.  Still it’s pretty awesome. And it cut the rate of bar fights by 70%.


Excellent!  Seems you’ve finished all the movement tests and the stamina test.  You have access all the way to floor one. Enjoy yourself Maria Hernandez and please don’t hesitate to message me if there’s anything I can do for you.


Nulloperations- Fortam the Bear
Children need protection, but even the greatest of guardians need their own rest. The Catalog presents the means to insure these guardians can sleep easy with their latest child-care product; Fortam the Bear. Fortam appears to any layman observer as a mere soft and plush teddy bear, but when within 50ft. of a sleeping child*, Fortam will arm and defend the area from any perceived threats.
Fortam the Bear comes standard equipped with his mighty sword, knight bearer shield, and disjunction potions. Accessory packs include his mighty tiger steed, the astral armor of infinite slumber, and a potion of warm snuggles. Using these tools, he will strike down even the mightiest of foes who’d dare fight against the ward he is tasked to defend.
*Manufacturers Warning, Fortam’s ability to determine if a being is considered a child is related solely to state of mind, and beings who have been overexposed to the horrors of the real world will no longer be able to receive Fortam’s protection. Fortam’s detection may also extend to legal adults should their innocence and virtue still remain within their hearts, mind, and body. Fortam’s childhood detection does not depend on chronological age. Machine Wash Warm, Rumbly Tumbly Dry.
**Catalog warning: Fortam is designed to protect children from all perceived threats, including monsters, dream eaters, math, waking them up before they have had enough sleep, Draculas, the clinically boring, and the seventh flavor of the color yellow. The catalog is not responsible for Fortam’s actions against these perceived threats. The only friend Fortam recognizes is children that are sleeping.
Fortam the Bear. Sleep tight, Fortam won’t let the bed bugs bite.
Order with caution. All purchases recorded and authorities will be notified.




Hecatomb   noun hec·a·tomb \ˈhe-kə-ˌtōm\


Definition of hecatomb


1:  an ancient Greek and Roman sacrifice of 100 oxen or cattle

2:  the sacrifice or slaughter of many victims


Origin and Etymology of hecatomb
Latin hecatombe, from Greek hekatombē, from hekaton hundred + -bē; akin to Greek bous cow — more at hundred, cow

First Known Use: circa 1592

Closing remarks

Zendead- Sky Doll by Titan Comics and The Worldbuilders Anvil


Joules – Terrible Writing Advice


Nulloperations- Moana


Music is courtesy of The Enigma TNG you can find his music on YouTube or on Bandcamp


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