Seize the GM
Seize the GM
Episode 2: First Games and Systems

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AD&D 1est Edition- Greyhawk/homebrew is the first thing I played in and first thing I ran was Original Red Box D&D in the stock setting of Mystra.


AD&D Second Edition- Homebrew Played in

Dragon Strike Link

AD&D Second edition- Homebrew Ran in


D6 StarWars

Little Fears

Stat Blocks


“The Fun Uncle/Big Brother”

This NPC Archetype can be a real boon to those new to a game, and they can fit into almost any setting.  The Fun Uncle/Big Brother kind of character serves a “guide” to the party without being the GM’s NPC babysitter or that annoying, pushy, quest giver NPC. They can be used to give advice on a quest or help to reinforce the atmosphere of a setting. It allows the GM to give hints to the players without being obvious.

Additionally there’s another boon to the Fun Uncle/Big Brother NPC. They can change the tone of your game.  Have players that are starting to get cocky and overconfident, have the Fun Uncle/Big Brother regale a tale of dread or horror. Have the PCs just experienced a real emotionally draining scene? He’s there to listen and give context to the experience. Heck, this kind of character can even bring “closure” to a PC’s death, through a touching eulogy or conducting a ceremony where the PC’s name is inscribed on the stone of heros.

The one thing the Fun Uncle/Big Brother is not is a steamroller. He’s not there to push the PCs to do what you want them to do. He’s there to ask a question to get the PCs thinking.

These type of NPCs are in almost any genre:

The retired Shadowrunner turned fixer, dispensing history and advice. (and ideas for weapons) The arcane librarian who knows the stories of the realm and its histories. (Does she know of an underground tunnel to get into the Necromancer’s tower) The babysitter whose stories not only that show that monsters are real, but that they can be defeated. The Mech Mechanic who was always known for pulling wild and crazy stunts, passing that knowledge off to the newer pilots.


Salifondus-   He is a down on his luck elven guy. He dresses nicely but all of his clothing has seen better days. Sali as he is known in the darker part of town is a male “escort” that can be found plying his trade in taverns and inns that cater to the adventuring types. While lots of people in his line of work do things of a questionable nature he has never taken advantage of a “john”.

Nulloperations- Here is a link to his Allied Trickery post.



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