Seize the GM
Seize the GM
Episode 32: Co GMing

Main Topic

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Ways to co-GM

  1. A GM and a helper or two at the table also called Shared GMing. Playing to the strengths of the people involved.  If one person is responsible for the story, they don’t have to be burdened with the Rules as much and on the flip side, knowing the rules doesn’t mean you get saddled with the storytelling.  This also works well in LARPs when you have large groups of people playing and need to be able to provide attention across different people.
  2. Both GM seperate games in the same world
  3. Both GM seperate games in different systems
  4. Both GM the same story or Serial GMs. By playing round robin, you stretch out and prevent burn out also allowing the GM’s NPCs to be full characters every once in awhile. The time and the effort spent by each can give the “main” GM a chance to really settle into his story with the breaks provided.

Stat Blocks


The Sword of dominium Alfheim


Also called the Sword of the Elves. This sword is very simple in its design. The filigree is even simple in its use. There are no markings to tell you that this sword is anything other than a simple but well made sword. It has unlike other treasures never fallen from the king’s hand. The smith that made this blade spent the better part of a century working the metal. The blade could chop a tree in half and never dull. The scabbard is worked leather of some lost beast. It is as much a symbol of leadership as the crown.


This sword has been in every battle since it was finished. It has also drawn blood in every one of those conflicts. While few like to admit it this sword has killed more people than any other weapon in all of recorded history. Most consider this blade to be cursed since it is drawn and bloodied in any conflict with the elves. Now how much of that is true and how much is belief that is something the wielder can tell you if but you ask. If you listen closely you might hear the king answer to an empty room a question no one had asked.


Joules- Nothing today



The Kalint


Another turn of the moon and another rumor of the Kalint showing up.  This ghostly vessel sails between the stars without a known path and without a known crew.  At least, there is nobody who has claimed to be behind this legend of the starways. When the Kalint enters your sensor range, it makes an impression, probably helping your ship from certain doom, perhaps from pirates, privateers, or power failure but with no com signals and nobody you ever see.


The Kalint is said to be a medium sized ship, not unlike a sea schooner, that is outfitted with the ability for deep space travel.  It’s sleek design and swooping lines are evocative of the asteroid belts from Terra System, but don’t map to any known corporation or colony.  It’s been said to dock at deep space stations, payment being made through automated means, with nobody ever stepping off the ship. There are even stories of cargo being bought and sold, loaded and unloaded without a word ever said.


The secret behind the Kalint isn’t really that special.  It’s an experiment gone awry – an attempt to make an advanced expert system to handle the drudgery of space flight actually succeeded.  The algorithms that govern the Kalint’s operation can easily handle navigation and basic trading of goods. It isn’t that hard to figure out supply and demand, after all.  The better question is whether there is something in the navigation subroutine that manages to hide this vessel between it’s sightings. Space is big, but it can’t be that easy to hide such a famous or infamous ship in the few safe starways that exist.


It’s that home, or base of operations that drives your story.  Some say that a pirate crew on a far flung asteroid uses the profits of the automated trade to wage their the Kalint sells are the result of piracy.  Maybe the stories of an experimental drive system shunting between dimensions are the truth. The idea that an expert computer system has “evolved” to an AI is just ludicrous.







Equerry  noun equer·ry  \ ˈe-kwə-rē , i-ˈkwer-ē \


Definition of equerry

1 :an officer of a prince or noble charged with the care of horses
2 :an officer of the British royal household in personal attendance on the sovereign or a member of the royal family


Origin and Etymology of equerry
modification of Middle French ecurie


First Known Use: 1591

Closing remarks

Zendead- Era- Balam a Project of Earth


Joules- Codebreakers Series


Guard-a-Manger- Steal the Stars


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