Seize the GM
Seize the GM
Episode 38: Introducing Players to New Games

Main Topic

What are good ways? What are bad ways?

Good ways- Talk about them

                   Run a one shot

                   Have a player run a game that interests them

       Pick a game that plays to the themes players enjoy


Bad ways- Bait and switch

Literally Assaulting your Players with the Books

Stat Blocks


Scaviolous the Prophet


Scaviolous is a priest of an order known to the people of the town as The Golden Pyramid. He travels throughout town helping people and working to heal the sick. He also runs help groups for those that feel the need to help contribute to the cause in a monetary fashion.

He pushes people to be better versions of themselves all the time. But behind closed doors his true nature and drive comes out.

Scaviolous is actually a priest of a long dead god that rests in the dark places of the universe. He is trying to bring about immortality on a planetary scale. He has had a few hiccups along the way. For he must first kill the person and then work to bring them back from the beyond.


Joules- Nothing this week guys sorry.



Boxcar’s Dice of DOOM

Brightly colored costumed supervillains showed up and proliferated from the 1950s on.  Boxcar was one of the better known ones. As a Gambling Highroller, Boxcar seemed to be able to manipulate luck in his favor over and over and over and over.  Eventually his luck ran out when fighting the Atomic Avenger, but his dice lived on.


Every so often, you see a new costumed villain, or maybe a hero, pick them up.  They are a link to the costumed past, after all. The problem with the good luck that follows these dice is that the bad luck also follows.  Nothing fancy, nothing spectacular, but a stubbed toe at the wrong time can be the downfall of any costumed adventurer. Sometimes, the dice seem to have a mind of their own and pull, figuratively, the wielder towards more and more risky behavior.  


Boxcar’s dice have a few secrets that have maintained throughout the decades.  These cubes are actually receptacles of otherwordly power. Magic is real, you see, no matter what the Government tells you.  These cubes contain a bit of Magic, of Truth, that were sheared off the greater angelic powers of the universe. It was a millennia ago that Boxcar’s ancestors first found how to trap that power inside a runic representation, and passed down the knowledge from generation to generation.


The Dice of DOOM want to return to the synchronous song of the universe, and every time it gets close, that ward weakens.  Who will be holding the dice when the power finally is released … and what happens to them?



Ague  noun \ ˈā-(ˌ)gyü \


Definition of ague

1 :a fever marked by fits of chills, fever, and sweating that recur at regular intervals
2 :a fit of shivering


Origin and Etymology of Ague
Middle English, from Anglo-French ague, from Medieval Latin (febris) acuta, literally, sharp fever, from Latin, feminine of acutus sharp


First Known Use: 14th century


Closing remarks

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