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Seize the GM
Episode 46: Edition Jumping

Main Topic

There comes a time in every campaign where the group must face a significant decision – do we jump editions? Game companies put out new editions and whether to change the edition you are playing can depend on a lot of factors.  Here are a few to consider:


Does the new Edition improve gameplay and mechanics? Sometimes, new editions do improve a game! They can clean up mechanics, streamline previously complicated sections of the rules, and make the game better! Earthdawn 4th Edition is a good example where the latest version of the game makes improvements and refinements on the classic FASA system.


Does the feel of the new Edition match the campaign?  D & D 4th Ed was notable for many reasons one of the most significant was the very different feel that gameplay took.  It changed how the game was played and how the characters would interact with the world. It’s more MMO feel wouldn’t suit every campaign.


Does the feel of the new Edition match the players? Does the new edition mesh with the desires of your players? The example of D &D 4th Ed is instructive for online players who didn’t enjoy that feel in tabletop gaming.


Will the old Edition continue to be supported? Sometimes, editions go out of print and are no longer supported.  Sometimes, the entire game line is discontinued.


Is the campaign at a good place to make the change? Even if the new edition is an improvement, even if the new edition fits the tone of the game, and even if the old edition won’t be supported, avoid changing editions in the middle of an adventure.  Adjusting to the new mechanics and slightly different feel can take time, so don’t do it if you are mid-cliffhanger but wait to make a change between the “beats” of the campaign.


Stat Blocks


Al’ vez Rest

Located in an oasis along the trade route running through the Great Khamzar Desert. The massive palms towering over the height of ten men can be seen from miles away. As your caravan draws up on it the tall water canvas’ that catch morning moisture and drop it down into the underground containment system can be seen. Old broken bits of sandstone structure is still left from the fall of an empire older than most lay protruding from the sands surrounding the oasis.

As you get to the oasis proper the shade of these massive palms with leaves the size of 2 men is a relief from the oppressive heat. The great moisture tarps help to provide a level of moisture that the desert itself is without. Nestled in a quiet corner of the oasis is a workroom. The tools are all high quality while they seem old they are very nice. If taken from the confines of the room they start to deteriorate quickly. If you search before removing them you find a note that warns of this.

Taking your time will let you finish or make an item of Masterwork Quality or the equivalent. There is no roll just make the item. How can this be was it infused with magic from an ancient workman? Or was this the old workroom of a great wizard from before the waste? Maybe if you send time looking into it you can unlock those secrets.





The Felinary

There are a great number of secrets in the world, and that includes the Felinary.  They hide among the rest of the world, just out of sight in the city, or maybe hide away from the powerful kingdoms in the deeper parts of the jungle.  They focus their life around a simple and pure pursuit – the perfection of the gustatory arts.

When the Felinary are first seen, without a disguise, without a glamour, without their truth being concealed, you may be taken aback.  Their whiskers and fur betray the truth of their feline heritage. A race unlike any other on the planet, clearly derived from the companions humanity has worshipped since the Age of the pharaohs.  It is this nature that drives their culinary adventure – only the most perfect dish can satisfy their enhanced and inhuman sense. The spices must be just right, the aroma enticing, only the most sublime of flavors will prod the most jaded of them back from their slumber.

They hunt for new foods, for new techniques, and try to share them as they find what works with themselves and others.  The dark part, though, is what they want most to eat. See, the Curse of the House of Atreus may be their fault for the most flavorful of the meats that these sharp eyed and sharp clawed beings enjoy is that of a human, slowly roasted, until succulent.  And now you find yourselves invited to dinner in their world …


Mulct  noun \ ˈməlkt \


Definition of mulct
: fine, penalty


Origin and Etymology of mulct
Latin multa, mulcta


First Known Use: 1584


Popularity: Bottom 40% of words


Closing remarks

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