Seize the GM
Seize the GM
Episode 7: Gaming Library

Episode 7: Gaming Library


Main Topic

What games we feel should be in a GM’s library once you have started to run games.

D&D, Pathfinder  (Or D20 Modern, depending)

Tri-stat (BESM)



Stat Blocks –

Derek – Drabbles


Shots plowed into the concrete above Daniel’s head. What had I gotten myself into he thought as he crawled behind cover. Pulling out the gun was a weird feeling for him as he had never done this before. He squeezed off 4 rounds in rapid succession. Then he opened his eyes to see if he had hit anything. As expected not a single hit. The tactically masked people peered out then fired another volley. Then as if he had done this a thousand times he rolled out  from cover and fired off several shots that pinned them as he ran.


The silence was not deafening, it was unnerving. The dark, now that was creepy. You know the feeling you get when you are certain someone or something is right next to you. Not that you can see or hear them. The unknown that is the true killer. That thing that makes you imagine things a million times more terrifying than the reality. If only it were that simple. Time seems to stretch in this place. Where is this place? Wait. Is that a pinprick of light? Yes it must be because it is getting larger. The fold in space-time unfurls.


Leaping up I catch the slightest breeze and grab hold letting it drag me into the sky. There are a few like me that have “powers”. I don’t like to think about it like that. I am not a human anymore, I am something else. Yes I feel like a human, but on another level. I can not be human anymore since I can do amazing things. Flight is just one of my talents. I can pick up a car with some minor effort. There are some that can teleport and other things too. We are the next phase of mankind.


Justin – The Outsider

Lexicon –


metier  noun \ˈme-ˌtyā, me-ˈ\

Definition of MÉTIER

1  : vocation, trade

2  : an area of activity in which one excels : forte

Variants of MÉTIER

mé·tier also me·tier

Examples of MÉTIER


  • After trying several careers, she found her true métier in computer science.
  • <public speaking is not my métier, as others can attest>


Origin of MÉTIER

French, from Old French mestier, from Vulgar Latin*misterium, alteration of Latin ministerium work, ministry

First Known Use: 1792


Closing remarks –

Derek – Syrinscape

Joules – Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness and Joseph Campbell Hero of 1000 Faces

Justin – Skyrim SE


Music is courtesy of Magnatune

Artist is Numa from the album Numa

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