Seize the GM
Seize the GM
Episode 72: Chatting with Opti About Co-op Worldbuilding

Main Topic

We sat down with Opti to talk about his new Project that is not Shadowrun related and how he is using Co-Op worldbuilding to bring this to live. Welcome to a heroic setting, The Optiverse! The future holds unlimited potential as these Variants come more into the light, but what will our heroes discover about the world and themselves! How did Opti create the idea for this game and how did he build out this world through the help of a bunch of his friends?

How did you divide up duties?

Did different people bring different strengths?

How much of a pain is Guard-a-Manger to do world building with?

What surprised you in this process?

Check out the Optiverse home page at :

The Inaugural Episode of The Variants in the Optiverse will air live on March 25 at

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