Seize the GM
Seize the GM
Episode 88: Eclipse Phase Interview and Review

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So what gave you the idea to have the game feel more accessible to folks that may not have been around since the first edition of the game? 

What wasn’t quite right? What did Second Ed give you a chance to clean up?

Also why did you decide from the earliest days to make this released under a creative commons instead of holding the IP in house and having a regular copyright? 

While you have the core rulebook out and the couple of fast adventure hooks what is just over the event horizon for the line?

If you were a monster from any game what type would you be? 

Contact info 


Twitter- @eclipsephase

Facebook- Eclipse Phase


  Pools are a really cool mechanic in a system full of mechanics that seem to make it about ways to push the narrative as part of your morph. 

The Themes as laid out in the intro chapter are really inspiring for ideas for games sessions to run. 

Psi what can I say I am a sucker for Psi stuff in Sci-Fi Games always have and always will.

A fully realized world that lets you have fun and ask deep questions at the same time


Hefty this is a really hefty book to get through. Both in word count and ideas to digest.

The point buy Character build I have never liked them and putting it in the character gen section is confusing and should be in an appendix

Dense games can be a tough buy in for new parties

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