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Seize the GM
Episode 91: GM Dumpster Diving

Main Topic

So what is this thing we are calling GM Dumpster Diving? Have you ever looked around your gaming or crafting area and said well I think I can make this thing I need? Then you go looking at the stuff you have laying around well that is the premise of this topic. I do a fair amount of crafting for stuff at my table. I am always looking at what I have sitting around and can use in a strange way to make an idea come to life. 

Stat Blocks

Zendead- Last Journal Entry of Commander Dyson

ShipDate 05.04.2748

The blip on the targeting array was the third one today. As usual it was nothing just a squirrel running by. Or what passed for squirrels on this dark hellhole of a planet. To think we had a smart idea to come to this dark rock in the hope of finding resources we needed to get to the next system. Since we had made the mistake of touching down here we had better hope we can make this work. We call this place planet UM261 but those on the ground call it Tartarus. Then those damn locals started messing with our stuff. We are supposed to treat them like children but they are not innocent just backwards. The Terrilix as they wish to be called. 

And they are not going to stop us from getting the things we need to get off this rock. Once we realized they had huge areas of this place under their control the only other option was obvious. Remove them with extreme prejudice. But that has not gone well I might add. I am hoping to get this recorded and uploaded to the ship bef….

How to use this in a game? 

What if this is the last transmission from a lost colony ship? Or maybe this is playing as the players wake up from the cloning camber or even the hibernation tanks. Or what if this is just something they dream and don’t know what any of this is because the society they are in is still swinging a sword and killing monsters. 

Joules- Working and working and other things sadly no time. 

nulloperations – Bird Storm

The skies darken, like a storm seething in with a cacophony of thunderous cracks. But those are not clouds. That is not thunder. The sound ripples and grows, the shape’s movement becomes finer as it soars in on endless wings. As if all of the world’s avian things came together, the storm bears no cloud but instead brings upon it the flock of feather, talon, and claw. It is only when they are just upon the party that their otherworldly forms glow with the lie of illusion or some mass crafted conjuration. They streak over those who dwell on the land or tear apart those who would dare share the sky. No bit of flesh stays. No crop, no bug, no vermin, no life. The storm rips and consumes, it claws and mauls.

It is a spell, that much is known. Some empowered ritual that continues to burn and sweep. But it’s self-propagating; growing from the life it takes and fueling itself. The bird storm is a terror of crows, a swarm of wings that brings doom in its feathered wake.

How to Use the Bird Storm:

The storm is like its namesake, a magical force of nature that rolls over the land. It is not sentient, just drawn to sources of magic and life like a ravenous beast desperate for a meal. It is not clever, and simple barriers or wards that hide magical sources can trick it. The storm is magical in nature, and thus things that resist magic are able to keep the birds at bay. But they will try. They will crash and bash and slam against magical barriers, and are drawn to the source of magical barriers in an effort to consume the magical source. The birds especially crave magical devices and active spell effects, using them to fuel the Bird Storm’s continued strength.

In campaigns, the storm serves as either a natural barrier a party would need to overcome, or as a threat to hurry the party along as a lingering threat.


Balderdash  noun bal·​der·​dash | \ ˈbȯl-dər-ˌdash  \ 

Definition of balderdash


First Known Use of balderdash

1674, in the meaning defined above

History and Etymology for balderdash

origin unknown

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Closing remarks 

Zendead- Castlevania This was such a cool anime that makes me want to run games in this world. 

Joules- Subsurface Circular – amazingly interesting whodunit. On a metro.  Oh and you’re a robot 

nulloperations – The Witcher – Hey, I’m actually caught up on something.

Music is courtesy of The Enigma TNG you can find his music on YouTube or on Bandcamp

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