Seize the GM
Seize the GM
Episode 95: NPC Staples

Main Topic

When I say NPC what comes to mind? Staples in a game are the NPC’s Regardless of how you design a campaign or just a single session NPC’s will be a part of it. NPC’s are like the set dressing of the session. There are a few basics that most games need to have.

Quest Giver

Big Bad Evil Guy or BBEG

The Sidekick

The Scenery

The Bartender

The Shop Keeper

The Secret Giver (Mentor/Hermit/Oracle/Wise Figure with mysterious knowledge to grant)

The Annoyance

The Sacrifice

The Living Macguffin




Stat Blocks


The Wax Robot

The bartender wanders over to the strange mechanical looking man at the end of the bar and slips something into the back of it. As he walks away he flips a switch and the whirl of gears and servos activate. He spins to face you and in an oddly mechanical and scratchy voice he asks, “What can I get you for Pardner?” Welcome to the Wax Robot. Is he a creation of fancy or is he there for another reason? As strange as it is to say only time will tell.

The Wax Robot is a strange thing. It uses wax cylinders to get his set of responses. But the number of cylinders seems to grow even without being made. There just seems to be more than last week. What is making the number grow and when did this member of the bar first show up? No one is really sure it seems like it has been here forever and yet like it was just yesterday.

How to Use The Wax Robot in Game:

He could be either a random element in a bar scene from Wild west to cyberpunk. If he is in cyberpunk or even a modern setting he is an antique. Where if he is in a Weird West setting or Fantasy he could be the product of Magic or Technology and he is way ahead of the times.


Convivial  adjective con·​viv·​ial | \ kən-ˈviv-yəl  , -ˈvi-vē-əl \

Definition of convivial

: relating to, occupied with, or fond of feasting, drinking, and good company

History and Etymology for convivial

Late Latin convivialis, from Latin convivium banquet, from com- + vivere to live

First Known Use of convivial

circa 1668

Look-up Popularity

Top 40% of words

Closing remarks 

Zendead – Locke & Key: So I know the Netflix series is out but this is the Comic that gave that series its start. If you like creepy and weird this is a great series so far. I chewed the first volume in one night and started the second one already. 

nulloperations – Alita Battle Angel: Lovely setting for an interesting franchise, great visuals, and good motion performance.

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