Seize the GM
Seize the GM
Episode 86: Moving pictures and which ones inspire us.

Main Topic


Gamera – a simple story about a boy and his turtles one just happens to be 700 ft tall and breathes fire and can fly. 

Taboo is the story of an Englishman turned mystical savage from his time lost in Africa. Who then returns to the world of King George III and shakes the people that wronged him and his family.

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is a kids show sure but it is about the most inclusive shows out right now. Sure it is based on the 80’s cartoon but they have really raised the bar. The ideas for the show while simple at times since it’s target market is kids in the 8-10 range. 

Joules – 

Support your Local Sheriff – You don’t have to be the fastest gun in the west to be the sheriff.  You just have to think faster than the outlaws and don’t worry about laughter.  And James Garner in his youth is nothing to sneeze at.

Erik the Viking – Ragnarok is upon us.  And Erik and his mates go off Valhalla to ask the gods to put an end to it. Hilarity Ensues

Dr Stone – Story about a science prodigy (who enjoys learning through experimentation) who is working to restore civilization after everyone has been turned to stone for over a couple thousand years ago.  Using the power of science and logic! Science will beat magic 10,000 percent!

Guard-a-Manger- I went with an 80s Theme because I am feeling the hair spray and shoulder pads this week. 

The Last Starfighter – An archetypal story of a young man with nothing to his name being the last best hope for a princess through acts of heroism against an implacable foe, The Last Starfighter takes this formula to the stars.  The story beats themselves are the ones you know from countless movies and TV shows, but the use of dogfighting starships sets it apart. Special effects are fine for the era, and I can still close my eyes and see the Gunstar in my head.

Robin Hood (1984) aka Robin of Sherwood – Before BBC America and the rise of our great streaming overlords, it was stations like your local public broadcasting channel that would show imported programs like this one.  The British Robin Hood is an example of the tight and compact storytelling that still comes from the British shows, but it also provided a mature look at the Robin Hood myth using not only magical and fantasy elements but also changing stars, and therefore Robins, between seasons at one point.  Aside from allowing a popular show to continue, this let the writers explore different parts of the Robin Hood legend and helped inspire me then and now. 

Bloodsport- 80s Action movies have a place in my heart.  Obvious from my love of the Street Fighter RPG, tournament style settings can inspire me.  Bloodsport is arguably the best known Jean Claude Van Damme movie complete with a Bolo Yeung opponent and good character work for the genre and era but some fantastic fight scenes to inspire you. 


Over the Garden Wall (2014) is a surreal series of misadventures that illustrate taking tropes and turning them a bit sideways. Playing with mystic constructs, weird NPCs, and keeping to a core quest, the series is outlined like a campaign where the GM, not the players, keeps letting their mind wander. It’s bingeable at ten short episodes that weigh in at about the length of a movie.

Taking characters out of one setting and dropping them in another doesn’t always work, but when it does it can become hilarious and involve a car getting turned into a battle wagon. Army of Darkness (1992) is this hilarious and interesting movie that, like my previous selection, is about returning home. Just a little more about the consequences of being reckless in the quest.

<Stares blankly for sixty seconds>

Closing remarks 

We just gave you many things to watch. Hopefully something piqued your interest.

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