Balance Sheet – Preesh

July 16, 2017

Design Notes

I’ve been enamored with Faces, especially non-standard Faces for a while.  The concept for Preesh came specifically from the SK Cyberlogician Cyberbundle in Chrome Flesh and the classic Shadowrun prime runner, The Chromed Accountant.  The concept spun out of a variation on the burned corporate employee who lost his SIN and took the fall for some kind of mistake made. I decided to work with the idea of an accountant that cost Saeder-Krupp a lot of money and was burned and left in the wind.  This means that the Con and Performance aspect of a lot of faces was left behind to focus on other things.

I went back and forth between making an A priority nuyen character who made up for either attributes or skills with the nuyen expenditures, but at the end of the day it didn’t fit the concept.  He was good enough that SK invested in him without the cyber so I kept his Nuyen, Skills, and Attributes all at “B” in a Sum to Ten character generation. Preesh is not a heavy combat character, but he excels at planning, legwork, and the initial negotiations.  When his existing contacts and skillset are combined with the Tradejack bundle, he is able to fill in a lot of roles for a team before combat starts.

His cyberware is built around mental bonuses and skill enhancements so that he has a better than normal chance of uncovering what the corporate plan behind the run is.  His expertise in negotiations and valuation of corporate assets helps him negotiate better pay for the runs while his contacts give him an “in” on the corporate world a lot of runners lack.  

To make sure that he wasn’t complete dead weight in combat, he has a pack of jazz and enough dice to use the Ares Alpha and Ingram Smartgun to put bullets down range to support the rest of the team.  The combination of the psyche boosts to logic, high mental limit, and analytic mind mean he should be able to figure out what is going on even in the middle of the run.


Character Notes

Depreciation, or “Preesh”, is a former Saeder-Krupp accountant who made one mistake.  The one mistake cost Saeder-Krupp a lot of nuyen and him his SIN. Where once he was an up and coming corporate middle manager in the accounting department, now Preesh found himself hung out to dry by the corporation that had invested so much in him. After making a hasty exit from his home sprawl with some certified credsticks stored away, Preesh settled into Seattle where he found a team of other runners now called Balance Sheet through his Fixer, Elias.  

Preesh’s skillset isn’t common in the shadows so the Johnson’s often have difficulty adjusting to a cold, dispassionate argument that their return on investment of the run requires additional compensation to ensure the maximum profitability.  Preesh’s contacts in the corporate world left him behind for the most part, but he held on to a few. Jackson, the janitor where he used to work, has a real friendship with Preesh from when they would waste a little time talking about all of the different tropical islands that would make a good retirement. Prissy, a secretary who always saw how uncomfortable the board room made Preesh is glad to chat and take some nuyen for her troubles. Reginald, “Reggie”, was the outside counsel who would handle more “delicate” expenditures that were “off the books: but not completely off the accounting ledger.  Preesh has become a bit cold since he entered the shadows – he lost the corporation he thought was his family, and this has left him pretty jaded. He is never far from complaining about how much he misses his old apartment and his old life, but seems resigned to his shadow existence.

Recently, Elias has been finding them more and more jobs against Shiawase which is making Preesh nervous.  Maybe SK didn’t leave him as far behind as he thought. Maybe this was all a game of chess to set up a catspaw in the shadows for SK Prime.  It’s been eating at him lately.

Preesh Form

Key –R&G = Run & Gun; RF = Run Faster; DT = Data Trails; CF = Chrome Flesh; CA = Cutting Aces

Balance Sheet Overview Here.


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