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July 16, 2017

This is The Card Catalog. Welcome to a corner of the Seize the GM for characters and NPCs you can take and use in your home games.  These character sheets will run the gamut of games from new to old, fantasy to space opera, and beyond. One word of warning, while these characters won’t be pushovers, they also are not made to be fully optimized.

We are starting with some Shadowrun 5th Edition, which is what I play the most today but it will branch out from there.  This covers the overview of a running team in Shadowrun 5th Ed with each team member getting their own post and character sheet to follow.  They are built on starting character generation values with the Sum to Ten method, so use them as Prime Runner opposition for your party, contacts, or even grab the sheet for a backup PC or a new player.


Balance Sheet

Balance Sheet is an established group of runners in sprawl.  With their diverse backgrounds, they are able to accomplish a wide variety of runs and have made a good reputation for themselves as professionals.  They got their name from Preesh’s negotiating tactics breaking down the costs and ROI for the Johnsons, often coming away with more nuyen for the team. Their diverse backgrounds do create some friction internally that manifests as jabs and inside jokes.  Recently, they have been taking on more challenging and higher profile jobs especially against Shiawase.


  • Depreciation (“Preesh”) – A former corporate CPA who took the fall for some creative accounting that didn’t hold up.  Preesh is a human loaded with headware who is still a bit bitter being stuck in the shadows, but makes the best of it as the “leader” of balance sheet handling negotiations, strategy, and their finances.  


  • Po’pay– Po’pay is an AWOL member of the P.C.C. military.  When his C.O. left his squad out to dry, Po’pay took it out on the C.O. and never reported back.  As the only surviving member, the P.C.C. hasn’t found him … yet. He took the street name Po’pay from a historic leader who fought against colonial rule, seeing his place in the world as a way to strike against the corporations and countries that had taken the place of the old Colonial powers. He gets grumpy with the rest of Balance Sheet because he knows his past will catch up with them eventually, and is trying to keep them alive.  


  • Phoenix – Phoenix is a dwarf technomancer former otaku.  At the ripe old age of 15, she was facing the start of the fading when Crash 2.0 went down. Deus’ machinations meant that she woke up in a brand new world with a brand new way to see the Matrix.  She spends her time exploring the Matrix and whistling up sprites for company. She and SHAMAN spend way too much time debating the nature of reality, with each so far not budging on what they see as “Truth”.


  • Anna – Anna is a troll street shaman who has never known anything but the streets.  He was born in the Redmonds Barrens to parents who couldn’t provide for everything a growing troll needs and found himself out on the streets in short order.  It was there that his awakening happened, and snake spoke to him. Since then, Anna has had a heart of gold and almost unflappable positive view on life, but a thirst for nuyen.  He and Phoenix each see the world differently and think that there may be more than what we see but they can’t seem to ever agree on just what that is.


  • Rinelletish–  Rinnelletish is an Elven Adept who slipped into the Shadows from the Tir after his parents were hunted down and killed as part of the rebellion called Rinelle te’Kesrae.  While he has a bad reputation in Seattle having seen many of his former running companions die or be captured by the Corps, Balance Sheet has found his skills to be useful even if he doesn’t seem to trust them fully.


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