Balance Sheet – Rinelletish

October 24, 2017

Design Notes

The last character to add to Balance Sheet is designed suing the oft-lamented Life Paths in Run Faster. I wanted to do something different than the Sum to Ten or standard Priority System and Life Paths were a good compromise.  While the original concept here was to make an infiltration specialist, it instead turned out to cover infiltration as well as some good combat skills to give Po’Pay quality backup.

The Life Paths chosen were – Tir Tairngire Origin; Fugitive Childhood; Magical Education Youth; Tir Military Tour of Duty (Ghosts); and Corporate Career (Company Man).  Once this was done, I had a chance to fine tune the rest of the character. If you have not used the Life Paths before, they will give you a heaping load of skills often broader and sometimes higher than other methods of generation but the trade off is in the potential for lower attributes.  You buy the attributes with the karma left after purchasing the Life Paths.

I only got this Adept’s magic to a 5 while I was trying to balance the rest of the stat line to justify his history.  When I started looking at his skills, I needed to add a few like Gymnastics and upgrade his Sneaking to a 6. I squeaked by with only 80,000 Nuyen by being a adept for the last few things needed and had the hardest part to deal with.

When multiple life paths give you a negative quality, at the end, you stage them up or if you can’t anymore, find something equivalent to replace them.  Multiple SINs meant trying to find a way to swap out those SINs below Corporate Level for Negative Qualities that would still allow Rinelletish to function.  


Character Notes

Rinelletish is the newest member of Balance Sheet.  He is an elf who has thrown off the yoke of the Tir, following his parents example.  The problem is that Rinnelletish is a vindictive and prideful elf many in the shadows refuse to trust or work with.  A lot of his former colleagues have ended up dead or captured by the Corps while Rinnelletish seems to slip out of danger each time leaving many suspicious of this well trained and equipped elf adept from the Tir.

As he tells his history, Rinelletish grew up on the run with his parents. His parents were members of the Rinnelle te’Kesrae, or Rebels of the Spire, engaging in armed and sometimes violent rebellion against Tir Tairngire.  Blamed for the deaths of many as the ringleaders of a cell of this rebellion, his parents fled, moving often, spending time with different Neo-Anarchist communes and safehouse around the Tir, Seattle, and the northern CalFree state.  

One day, that came to an end as he and his parents were finally captured by Paladins of the new Tir loyal to the Telestrians and dragged back where his parents would face their punishment for the crimes against the Elven Nation.  As he was brought back, though, one of the Paladins saw a spark of the Talent in him and he was sent to a school where it could be nurtured, and his loyalties tested. His natural Talent as an adept led to his Tour of Duty with the Tir Peacekeepers, though he says he washed out of Ghost training when they tried to push him to that service.  

Telestrian Industries has sponsored his re-entry into the Tir, and they reasserted their SIN to have him work diligently for the Tir’s leading Corporate citizen until he finally managed to escape into the Shadows of Cara’Sir and make his way to Seattle. He moves around often, and seemingly distrusts everyone but he has proven to be an asset to Balance Sheet ever since he was referred by a Fixer contact.

What he isn’t telling anyone is that the rumors are true – he is a corporate plant in the Shadowrunning community.  Telestrian Industries has his parents kept barely alive with their criminal SINs over his head. Every job he does for Telestrian, every runner he sets up, is one step closer to getting them free. Or so he has been told.

Rintelletish Form
Key – R&G = Run & Gun; RF = Run Faster; DT = Data Trails; CF = Chrome Flesh; CA = Cutting Aces; R5 = Rigger 5.0; HT = Hard Targets

Balance Sheet Overview Here.

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