Seize the GM
Seize the GM
Dog Days of Podcasting 2017 Day 7

Damien Forsith

Damien is almost finished with his residence before he becomes a full fledged doctor. The hospital where he works has been very good for him he has been in the ER the whole time. While there he has learned a lot about massive trauma for the inner city warfare. This is not what he had wanted to do, he had wanted to be a surgeon you know the rock stars of hospitals. Something on his first night changed that though.

Now a year later he has had something else happen to further change his goal. Something happened to a patient and she died, he was blamed for it even thou he was not the attending doctor. Also she had come in for something that could not have killed her. As he was outside waiting on the administration to talk with him something landed in the alleyway. Looking he saw the arm that was bent funny. He ran to help and that was when he saw the mask of the vigilante. As he bent  down over the masked person, he weakly said “Help me,” and passed out.

Mannerisms- Damien is all but a doctor and has a very strong help those around him streak. While he won’t jump in and fight he will help patch up those that will. Helping the guys fighting the good fight makes him feel better. Also the pay is pretty good.

Short history- After that first night of helping that one guy he left the hospital and lost his right to call himself a doctor. With the death he was wrongly accused of being the final nail in the coffin. He keeps up on all the research so he can help the guys and girls that are out there fighting for the little people.

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