Seize the GM
Seize the GM
Dog Days of Podcasting 2017 Day 8


The villain known as Pazuzu has found that flight and being stronger than normal has helped him to get his foothold in the criminal underworld. He is sort of a mid tier villain. He can fly at speeds about 200 mph. He has when he needed once to get away threw a bus full of people. Those heroes are so gullible all it takes is put some shlub in harms way and off they run to help. Pazuzu has made a mask that looks like a rotting bird skull. In it are a few things like telescopic sights, sound dampening and a few other things.

He got his wings as a deal he made with a supernatural force. Also as he grows in power more abilities will manifest. Soon he will be able to control flocks of birds. When new powers manifest he seems to look more and more like a giant bird with arms.

Mannerisms- He is a bully. He pushes people around like they are obstacles in his way to greatness. Belittling and downplaying the help of others also help to push him in making himself feel more important. If someone is to point out shortcomings he flies into a rage.

Short History- The man that became Pazuzu had been a low level thug robbing and mugging people. He had pushed up to armed robbery of businesses. One night he was robbing an occult shop thinking he could sell the junk as magickal goods. He got into the safe and there was a bit of money and a couple other things, one was a book that unbenounced to him when he tried to read it aloud called forth a demon. Who asked just one question, “What do you want?” He answered I want to be feared in this town. The creature summoned obliged.

Teller of the Tales Kevin MacLeod (
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