Seize the GM
Seize the GM
Dog Days of Podcasting 2017 Day 9

Dead Cycles

Cycles is a technological wizard and by that they are a hacker. They slide into the VR worlds of the web making those people that cross him/her or the people that hire them regret it. Few like to tangle with Cycles in the web the programs that they create are cutting edge. Some even push the boundaries at times to what is thought to be possible. This hacker’s VR icon looks like a zombie with kaleidoscope eyes. Cycles will help some newbies to get their feet under themselves in this frontier.

Dead Cycles is said to never have to jack out of the VR world. How much of the things said about Cycles is true and how much is spread by Cycles to help keep the mystique is not known. One other myth is that Dead Cycles programs in the dead spaces of the web. Now myth and such surround this figure but one thing is for sure. When you need to have a kicking hacker email to that dead email for them and you will get one back.

Mannerisms- Dead Cycles is a person that secrets are a way of life. Information is a currency that few understand. When contact is made everything is very businesslike. Money is exchanged and services are rendered. For those that meet Cycles in the web things can be different from crazy and chaotic to ships passing in the night.

Short History- Cycles is a girl that learned how to hack while in college. Once the tech got to a point of implants to experience the web in VR she was right there getting those things done. She is always upgrading her set up and her implants. Only a few people know that he is Dead Cycles. She spends lots of time making up rumors just to protect herself from the Corp Cops that want to put her up as an example of what not to do.

Teller of the Tales Kevin MacLeod (
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