Seize the GM
Seize the GM
Dog Days of Podcasting Day 2

Chief Layout Artist Artemis 

CLA Artemis may be one of the few that is truly capable of creating from nothing the files to make whole new prints. She has spent more time with every old timer in the union than anyone else. While not wanting to lose any of the knowledge that they have. She records audio and video of all that will allow it. As well as takes copious notes on anything and everything that they will part with as far as knowledge goes. She has been working on a deep archive that can not be lost or so she believes.

Artemis has figured out new ways to do 3d-prints. As well as ways to save on the amount of material used in the process of printing. While she is doing all of this she has not been working on training new Compositors for the union and that is leading to conflict in the union. Artemis does want to get as much recorded before any more knowledge is lost to the void. Petitioning any option to get raw material to create material is something Artemis is working on in the background. Also she is trying to figure out a way to broker a deal that gets the tinkers guild helping to create new power generation for the ship. In the end she wants there to be a way to repair all the systems on the ship. 

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