Seize the GM
Seize the GM
Dog Days of Podcasting Day 3

Layout Artist Jackson Macgee

Jackson is a newer artist when it comes to creating protective gear for the engineers. The suits he makes can be anything from tight fitting printed on a skinsuit with the wearer in the tank to built post fabrication when the pilot comes in for final fitting. These systems have some prefabricated pieces that are easy to slap into the suits. Equipment that makes working on engineering issues easier like cutters and tool sets. Those are not what Jackson likes doing his forte is the smaller, tighter, and more personal suits. 

He has started to take on a few apprentices to help with the work of getting protective suits built. At some point very soon the command is going to have to start looking for a place where they can send some people down to get more supplies. He wants to be one that goes down so he can help in getting the raw material for the printers. If he stays on the good side of Artemis then he stands a very good shot at being on the ground party surveying for supplies. 

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