Seize the GM
Seize the GM
Dog Days of Podcasting Day 5

 Deter the Meter

What do you need to do kid? Are you kidding me? The Layout artists approved this? I don’t think so. I may be old but I sure as hell ain’t stupid. You know that the time to print that is going to be so long that it is going to show up on the Shift manager’s log. Get out of here before I let Samiel know you were down here trying to do this. 

Deter is an old timer that still works to help maintain the printers. He can tell by looking at a spool if it will be enough to finish a print. Not because he is that good at printing as a matter of fact he does have anything to do with printing anything. He has been cleaning up since he was a kid. Maintenance came as second nature to Deter. He can replace anything on a printer from the small ones that see almost daily use to the vehicle printers that don’t get used very much. The parts for them all he has to ask for since he can’t figure out how the software works.

Deter has been doing this job forever but his true passion is to go to one of the observation decks and stare out into the void. He lets his mind wonder which then opens him up to the crowd of voices that are always pushing into his mind. It is these moments that give him the piece to be a person. Because most of the time Deter is sure that something is not right in his mind. 

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