Seize the GM
Seize the GM
Dog Days of Podcasting Day 4

Sammie “The Worm” Gregory

Sammie is a scrounger and cleaner. She is working on her understanding of the printers and how to work them. The big printers all the way down to the smallest ones hold her attention like no one’s business. She has been trying to get a berth in the guild since she could run under a printer and scraped some of the hot resin to soak in the chemical bath that makes it possible to reuse filament, at least after it has been extruded again. 

Sammie hates the nickname of the Worm. How would they like it if she started calling all the others by a gross feature that they had? Not everyone these days is born perfect. Some people can not help the fact that they didn’t have parents that were important. Getting children checked for genetic anomalies before birth is something not for the average person on the ship. Which is why Sammie has the issue she does. Her left arm has no bones in it and a musculature similar to that of a cephalopod. 

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