Seize the GM
Seize the GM
Episode 10: Fantasy Settings

Main Topic

Fantasy Settings- Timeframe as well as general tropes.


Stat Blocks


Maps that are going to go up as a separate PDF

Joules-I was sick today…


The Catalog
A cryptic folded over piece of paper reveals a page of the notorious catalog. On it you find the listing for…
The Doom Tent
The apocalypse is typically seen as a once in a lifetime event, mostly because people don’t survive their first go around. But not anymore because the party is not outfitted with their own Doom Tent. This sleek ash grey tent pleasantly houses six to eight individuals with enough food, sundries, breathable air, and potable water to survive in the wilderness for 3-4 weeks. Rain proof, fire retardant, and wind resistant, the Doom Tent is the ideal camping tool, but these pleasant features aside the tent has the unique property of also being Apocalypse avoidant. If properly setup (a process taking 2d12 rounds and requiring a moderate strength and intelligence check, +8 if you kept the manual) prior to an apocalyptic event, the tent will be immune from the outcome of any local or global catastrophic event. Occupants will not contract horrible radiation damage, zombie infestations, or anti-rapturing style activities. Even if the entire planet is atomized the Doom tent will still stay in one piece, as will the surrounding 30 ft. radius of earth, rock, or other material it was pitched on. The tent itself provides a double flap air lock like system for exiting and entering the tent thus ensuring a detoxification or atmosphere returning effect for those coming and going. The Doom tent cannot guarantee survival for those who step away from the tent, and the tent does not protect against moderate level dangerous events. Low level dangers are only afforded a moderate level of protection no more effective than heavy burlap.
The Doom Tent. It’s all or nothing.
Order with caution. All purchases recorded and authorities will be notified.





noun \ā-ˈklä, ˈā-ˌ\


1:  ostentatious display :  publicity
2:  dazzling effect :  brilliance
3a :  brilliant or conspicuous success


Used in a sentence: “ The bard was received with great  éclat


Origin and Etymology
French, splinter, burst, éclat

First Known Use: 1672


Closing remarks –

Derek  Thundarr the Barbarian

Joules – google feud

Justin – Hogfather Quote


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