Seize the GM
Seize the GM
Episode 11: Sci-fi Settings

Main Topic

Examples of sci-fi and a few of the different versions


Stat Blocks

Derek – Sadly I did not have time this week to do one.

Joules – All of us are born with a destiny.  Be it great or small. But there are those who steal those segments of the thread of fate.  Fraying and unraveling the tapestry of kismet. What happens to the world where the hero was smothered in their crib?  Or the divine champion embraces corruption? What are the echos of future that never was?


At nexus points in the world, where events of great significance were fated to happen, lie gaping wounds in reality.  Holes in the fabric of the world. They appear as rips in the world, filled by an inky miasma. The edge where it meets reality looks like torn, frayed, fabric.  The area itself feels almost frozen. Static. There is no breeze here. No animal sounds. It’s as if time forgot to move forward. Or couldn’t.


When someone approaches the area, the stillness is unsettling.  The individual feels like they’re treading on sacred ground. Or at least otherworldly.  The alien stillness makes the area feel almost sterile. Those who are curious or who know the stories feel drawn to the tears.  As if reality itself was reaching out, desperately wanting to tell the player of the days that never came. Of destiny denied.


When the player approaches the tear, tendrils reach out and grab them.  Instantly the player’s mind is filled with memories of a future that never happened.  All of it. All the joys and sorrows. All the pleasure and pain. All the triumphs and failures.  Every moment denied. It floods the player’s psyche, rendering them unconscious.


When the player regains consciousness, the weight of the experience frays their composure.  They may become obsessed with the futile attempt of restoring what was once denied. Spending all their time and energy at a futile quest.  Or have trouble separating the memories of what is and what could have been. For some, the experience is so great that they eventually become catatonic.  But know this, no matter what the player does, his ending is fixed. When the player eventually falls, another tear is created.


You see, the holes cannot be filled.  The past can not be undone. But the tear wants to be filled. Needs to be filled.  It’s singular purpose is to be made whole. So it steals the destiny of those that approach it in a desperate attempt to stitch itself back together.  Ripping other’s threads of fate to suture itself, creating another tear in the process. And It will keep tugging at threads, stealing the future, till the whole world unravels.






noun  rhap·so·dy \ˈrap-sə-dē\

Definition of rhapsody

1:  a portion of an epic poem adapted for recitation

2: archaic :  a miscellaneous collection

3a (1) :  a highly emotional utterance (2) :  a highly emotional literary work (3) :  effusively rapturous or extravagant discourseb :  rapture, ecstasy

4:  a musical composition of irregular form having an improvisatory character


Examples of rhapsody in a sentence

  1. The mayor launched into a long rhapsody about his plans for the city.
  2. <listening to Mozart always left him in a rhapsody that lingered for the remainder of the evening>

Origin and Etymology of rhapsody
Latin rhapsodia, from Greek rhapsōidia recitation of selections from epic poetry, rhapsody, from rhapsōidos rhapsodist, from rhaptein to sew, stitch together.

First Known Use: 1542


Closing remarks

Derek – Pirate Power on iTunes store and on Android

Joules – R.O.M. Read Only Memories

Justin – Nevermine 4 – Minecraft mod.




Music is courtesy of The Enigma TNG you can find his music on YouTube or on Bandcamp


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