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Seize the GM
Episode 101: Opti and Fraggin Unicorn Kickstarter

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Opti from Fraggin’ Unicorn Games joins us to talk about the Gangs of the Undercity Kickstarter and more! 

So for those that don’t know who Opti is. Tell us a little of how you got into the gaming Industry?

When you started Fragging Unicorn to create something new, what did you want to see more of in the gaming space?

What are you doing now?

This kickstarter is all about the game – Gangs of the Undercity. 

What inspired the concept for this game?

What type of game is it? 

Are rules complex or simple? 

What did you want to see from the Rules?

Do you have plans for a fully modular construction or will this be something that comes in packaged lots?

What can you tell us about the setting for Gangs of the Undercity?

What is the City Under?

Do you have anything else out there about this world? 

Will this be an evolving world with an updating storyline(a la Shadowrun or Legend of the Five Rings) or more “Static” (Deadlands, IOU) 

I know this is a tactical mini game with some really wicked sculpts you’ve been showing off on line, but do you have any plans for lower cost options for people who may not have the funds or space for a tackle box full of cool minis?

Maybe something like Paper minis or Pawns? 

Will there be unpainted and painted options?

Have you gotten to think about your stretch goals? 

What is your favorite Stretch goal you want to reach, besides all of them?

What has designing Gangs of the Undercity taught you about game design?

What is your favorite innovation in Gangs?

What did you want to do that you couldn’t quite fit into the design?

What comes next for Gangs of the Undercity? 

If all goes well, how would you like the game to grow and evolve?

How would you like to maintain a connection/feedback to all of those who pickup the game?

Fragging Unicorn Games?

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Undercity – Worlds Without End Audio Drama

Website: Fragging Unicorn Games 

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