Seize the GM
Seize the GM
Episode 152: Eden Ship NPC’s Part 1

Main Topic

This Episode is going to be going into and talking about a few new NPC’s that will be showing up in the setting. So let’s dive right in and get to it. 

Stat Blocks


Ivonette deFaria

Ivonette is a highly trained and skilled geologist and planetary architect. This is why she is in charge of all plans that come into the purview of her group. While she is aware of the needs she also knows the amount of energy and or fuel that this takes. All of her calculations as to if the group should undertake missions are based on a cost benefit analyst. 

She has spent her whole life in a pampered state. For that reason she wants to stay in that style that she has been accustomed to for her life. Most people don’t need the things Ivonette thinks she does. Lavish living and waste is a set of behaviors she does because she is certain she is entitled to them. She has few others in her close circle that helps to keep the peace with factions that feel like they need more supplies. 

Stanford VanRichard

Stanford has never done an honest day’s work in his whole life. He is certain that the galaxy owes him anything and everything he wants. Part of the reason for that is he is a pilot. Not just any pilot though, he is able to pilot the fold ships. With there being a small number of them in the ship, three in fact, he is sure he is special. 

Each ship uses huge amounts of energy to fold space. With that being the case they only fold to places that seem possible to have the supplies that are needed. The big things that the pilots are looking for is fuel for the ships and water. Anything else that is needed is tertiary to those main two things. Stanford only answers to Ivonette so he does whatever she asks of him, even if it doesn’t make sense at the moment. While he is a fold ship pilot he doesn’t lead them, at least not yet.

Dotse Obeng

Dotse is a woman of few words. Her mind is as sharp as a razor. Dotse or Dot for short, is a chemical engineer, one of the best on the whole ship. She understands how molecular bonds are forged as well as broken. People and the bonds they form and break are also visible to her. 

Dot is different from almost all of the people in the command section. She started out as a printer and created one of the new styles of printing materials. This got Command’s attention which got her formally educated in the education beds. The technology of which is tricky at the best of times, which these are not. 

This is part of why Dot doesn’t talk much. She can show how something works but can not explain it to others. The technology has from time to time been able to teach but not explain the knowledge to others. It just works for the few that survive. Also the printers are having an issue which is becoming more pronounced as time goes by. That of muddled and mutated gene sequences. Dot is no different. She has a few mutations, one is she has six toes. Three on each foot. Her other one is not visible. She can read someone and tell their moods. Not because she pays attention but because she is a psychic empath. Maybe one of the strongest on the ship. 



Gestalt (human moniker) is a recent addition to the crew and serves at the “navigator.”  A short (and somewhat cute) tripedal alien with features that resemble a geko, he was discovered amongst some alien wreckage that the ship was collecting.  During the salvage operation, his life pod was discovered.  After extended (and contentious) debate, he was allowed to stay on board in exchange for assisting the ship.  Gestalt readily agreed, with the alternative being jettisoned back into space.

Gestalt, while not perfect, possesses a decent working knowledge of the local area.  Specifically, high risk areas.  Additionally, it was recently discovered that Gestalt perceives things in four dimensions, unlike the three dimensions that earthlings perceive.  How this varied perception will impact the ship and the crew is yet unknown.  But the consensus is that the rewards outweigh the risks, for now.


Sharon serves as the ship’s “Shinigami”.  She was initially assigned to be the ship’s coroner and mortician. (Graduated with a masters in anatomy/physiology and had just completed mortician’s school)  But over time her role has expanded and morphed.  As the only resident of the crew with experience up close and personal with death, crew members naturally sought her out for guidance and solace when dealing with death.  

With the extensive risks that accompany space travel, her skills are essential.  Information gleaned from autopsies may help protect crewmates in the future.  Her knowledge of “green burials” has helped reduce natural resource waste.  And her knowledge of grief and mourning has allowed her to navigate the personal and cultural minefield that accompany death and loss.

While Sharon tries to perform her duties with precision and dignity, the stress and the weight of her role have taken their toll.  Her nightmares grow worse with each autopsy.  And as the list of the dead grows, her grip on sanity becomes more tenuous.  Who would offer comfort to the Grim Reaper?  Who could?


Dewey (His nickname, his birth name is Ian Paul Freeley, which led to no end of teasing) is the ship’s archivist.  But his role is more akin to a genealogist and historian.  He leaves the cataloging of all the science stuff to the scientists.  Dewey felt that cataloging the human experience during this journey is necessary.  Over time he has amassed a considerable collection of photos, diaries, music, drawings, and various other sundries of humanity.  The entire collection is cataloged by individual/family, type, and “stardate” (time on the ship is officially recorded as stellar transit year, but stardate has a nostalgia that many crewmembers find comforting). Since storage space is limited (both digital and analog), Dewey is often required to digitize and compress what he can and select items from the archive to be “recycled” for necessary raw materials.  He’s been working more and more with the tinkers guild to find new ways to preserve the ship’s human history.  Dewey knows better than most what humanity has lost and strives to preserve what he can for humanity’s future. 

Closing remarks 

    Zendead – While the summer is winding down remember that time to rest is so very important. While we all work hard, take some time to rest and relax. It helps to make you more productive when you need to be. 

    Joules – 

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