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Seize the GM
Episode 153: Antagonists NPC’s

Main Topic

Npc’s are so very important to any game that is being run. While some of the NPC’s are big bad guys and some are protagonists, some fall in the path of the PC’s. These are the antagonists to the group. That is who we are going to present today. 

Stat Blocks



Stilgon has been working quietly and behind the screens for many years now. The reason they have to do it this way is because when you are a nonhuman that is a stowaway things can be bad. Most things on the ship are rationed and that would make some things hard to do. Not being a human makes survival easy for Stilgon since he doesn’t eat normal human things. 

While Stilgon is in hiding making plans for how to build the ship that will get him away he must still be careful. Humans are scared at the best of times and the rest they are terrified. Stilgon just needs a ship that will keep radiation out. While that seems easy it is a very short supply idea. It is also very much watched all the time because of the nature of the ship. 

Stilgon is trying to find ways to get shielding left in areas that it can get them from. It will be more than happy to burn a few humans if it means it can get off ship. The biggest problems are no one will stop work early and leave shielding in an easy to reach place. So Stilgon has started to get more bold in how it gets the things it needs. Which of course will put him on a crash course with any characters that get in the way. 

Prisoner 274

Prisoner 274 is loose. Those that are old enough to remember when the sections had trials and put prisoners in stasis will remember Prisoner 274. They have been locked away since the early days of the exodus. With all the issues on the ship it was bound to happen. Thirty days ago there was a loss of power in the detention sector and while most of the pods were fine one wasn’t. That being the one housing prisoner 274. Once they had woken from stasis they had to get out of the area in case someone came to check on things. 

The guard that did come to check was just checking the boxes on things and could care less. Which in hindsight might not have been the best option. Sammy didn’t even know what was in this section. That might have been the first mistake since 274 was a hardened killer. They had killed 61 people in a manner that was unlike anything the people on the ship ever thought they would see. 

Prisoner 274 has had time to get supplies and found a place to hide in the ship. The part that most people are having issues with is that most people have been tracked by the computer. After they shook off the stasis illness they have been unable to be tracked. Which is leading to concerns about when they are going to start killing again. 

DJ 01001011 or DJ K

Recreation is a truly important thing to remember when you are on a ship for many generations. Some folks just never know how to unwind. Well DJ 01001011  has no problem like that. DJ K is one of the most sought DJ’s in the Rec Sector of the ship. She has been a DJ for awhile now but before she did this she was something else.

She was originally a person that was playing the sections against each other. Well at least a few of the smaller factions in the various sections. Then she ran a scam that cost her all the things she had gotten. So Kelly had to reimagine herself. She started going to clubs in the Rec Sec to hide. While she was able to hide she figured out she could make it as a DJ since she would be hidden but also present and able to talk to anyone and everyone and no one would notice the DJ. 

Building her network of assets has taken time. She has set her eyes on you to be the next to help her get back at the people that did this to her. 



Plutocrats always need someone to do the dirty work.  To keep the so called “unwashed masses” distracted.  Analiese’s official position on the ship is crew liaison, but in reality she functions more like the propaganda arm for the plutocrats.  Through sly disinformation campaigns, mob manipulation, and preying on general unease of the crew, Analiese is able to sow a subconscious feeling of distrust and unease amongst the crew.   It takes time and effort for strangers to trust each other.  Trust between crewmates would normally be built and reinforced while all worked together to prep the ship for its maiden voyage. 

Since the ship was rushed to launch, trust and loyalty was in short supply.  Sometimes, a shared trauma serves as a unifying force, but more often people will regard each other with mistrust and suspicion.  Leading to an insular tribal mentality.  Analiese works to reinforce that mentality, but walks a fine line to  ensure that inter-faction open conflict never erupts.  She is also aware how tenuous her position is with the plutocrats.  It serves her well to build strategic alliances between factions, ensuring mutually assured destruction if her benefactors ever see fit to have her removed

Enforcer Hannigan

Order must be maintained at all costs.  Risks need to be identified and dealt with efficiently and swiftly.  Anything else risks the safety and stability of the ship and the crew.  Enforcer Hannigan is the embodiment of this philosophy.  But over time, Hannigan has begun seeing risks and dangers around every corner.  And has reacted as such.  From a child getting sick from eating a handful of dirt to an argument between colleagues about data interpretation.  There is no grey area. 

Illness puts the crew in jeopardy.  All dissent now is seen as a risk to the mission.  And are dealt with severely.   Extended quarantine, solitary lockup, quarters arrest are the kinder punishments meted out by the enforcer.  The more severe punishments have all been redacted. (for security purposes of course).  As of late, people are terrified to speak their opinions, debate ideas.  They hide when they’re feeling sick.  They fear the judgment of Enforcer Hannigan. 

Trevor “Jazz” Kilkenny

Simply put, Jazz is a thief.  And an indiscriminate one at that.  Doesn’t matter if the target is living or dead.  (he’s said he prefers the dead since he knows they won’t need it anymore.) Any outward showing of wealth or privilege instantly becomes an “Item of Interest.”  And he’ll sell to almost anyone, provided the price is right.  While prolific, Jazz does seem to have a code of ethics as it were as to his targets and items. 

He never targets “comfort items” or “memorial trinkets”  He also keeps a keen eye out for items that are essential to the running of the ship. (heck he has even “procured” items that contained the raw materials that engineering needed for urgent repairs.  And sold them for a surprisingly reasonable price.)  While it’s common knowledge that Jazz is a thief, there’s never been any evidence or witnesses to his crimes.  It’s the strangest thing?  Monitoring blind spots, maintenance schedules, security routes… He claims to know them all.  But his ability, his knowledge wouldn’t be enough.  Seems he has the blessing of luck on his side.  Whether a divine, infernal, or something else entirely, it seems that someone doesn’t want him to get caught.  He’s simply too valuable.  To someone.


Closing remarks 

    Zendead – Dig into music that you don’t think you will like and give it a real chance. You    might be surprised. 

                      Epic Encounters– really cool mini and a single encounter.

    Joules – The Monsters Know what They’re Doing/  This is a four (as of recording) book series.  Full of easy to understand, yet insightful, tips, tricks and strategies for running monster encounters.  While it’s geared for Dungeons and Dragons, the lessons can be applied anywhere.  And you may gain some inspiration on how to craft a really memorable encounter.  

Music is courtesy of Sim on Twitter you can find him at @TheSimulacrae

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