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Seize the GM
Episode 159: Star Maps and Beyond

Main Topic

Last time we talked about the maps for the ship. This time we are going to talk about maps of things outside the ship. Are there a lot of different kinds? Yes there are. You could have planetary maps so think about maps of the earth. You could map those types if you and having a few in your back pocket might not be a bad idea. This setting has exploration as a theme to it. 

Speaking of exploration, having maps that are of even bigger areas like solar systems are also a good thing to have. These might seem silly to have but they can be used in a pinch if you want to have a solar system for characters to explore. This is a map that we will have a few different examples of. Finally the biggest area that has to do with a setting like this are star maps and they have just the locations of solar systems in them. These will not have all points of light in them. This way if you want to have more things in a section you can just add them. The point of this is to have lots of options. 

There are a few different locations online to get these types of maps. In addition to a few of the planet maps, we will have a solar system or two and a star map as well. These will be able to be used as is or as idea jump points for your own stories in the setting of the Eden ship. 

Additionally, checking out star maps from NASA or the European Space Agency can give a layer of realism and narrative stability.

Closing remarks 

Zendead – Star Wars Outer Rim This game is a ton of fun. 

Joules – Bleach – Thousand Year Blood War

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