Seize the GM
Seize the GM
Episode 158: Maps of the Interior

Main Topic

Maps are things we will not do in a battlemap format. Those are really big and generally only useful for small scale things. If you want to have some The folks over at BattleLords have some deck maps for sale they are really nice and great for this type of thing. There will be more links in the notes with ones we have found. 

So since we are not wanting to just sit and think about those types of maps. What other types are there for a ship this big. The easiest are general locations of things so a map might have the sections and the areas they control. You could even dive in tighter still and have faction maps within each sector. Also having a general layout of the ship will give players a true understanding of how big a ship like this would have to be. 

Maps are important because they convey a lot of information to players and GM’s as well and in this ship some places might be highly defined if you want to use them a lot and not as much where characters never go. 

Links for map things

BattleLords Maps

Ship floorplans from Starfinder

Heroic Maps has a few here is one 

Closing remarks 

Zendead – Elder Brain Dragon This is going to be the BBEG at the end of a campaign very soon.  

Joules – Noone Gaming – New YouTube channel.  Showing mini painting/crafting/modding

Music is courtesy of Sim on Twitter you can find him at @TheSimulacrae

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