Seize the GM
Seize the GM
Episode 21: Landscape and Terrain Building the Future

Main Topic

We sit back and discuss the merits and drawbacks of landscape and terrain at your table.



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Stat Blocks

Zendead- The Tome

It is a book of magic but like very few others. The tome is magic, real magic. The kind that can rip reality and remake portions of it. Unlike any other book like this you are the pages of the tome. The tome tethers its magic to the life force of the person that inscribes the spells to their flesh. At first the spells might do small things that don’t seem like much but as time goes the spells grow in power and scope. As you cast these spells parts of you grow weak and die. If you were to want to cast every spell you scribed on you then you would not likely live to see the last spell completed. Since you never know the amount of energy needed to cast the spell the number left on you is not an indication of how much more you can do. So be careful of taking on the power of the Tome.



The Darktown Poker Club.  Where hucksters, con men, grifters and the damned go to play cards.  This mysterious club has been rumored to exist since the mid 1800s and for those that have been invited say the decor hasn’t changed much.  The inside is smokey, there’s an old honkey tonk style piano in the corner. Booze is poured from unlabeled bottles. And the patrons are as likely to kill you then to invite you to join their table.


The legends say that the Darktown Poker Club never really left the 1800s, it just has the power to invite players that would make the games ‘interesting.’  And honestly interesting people exist all across space and time. So where’s the fun in limiting the game to just one decade?


The club is exclusive.  Invite only. How one receives an invitation is unknown.  And to be honest, sometimes some members wish that they never received one.  The invitation is more like a “polite request.” The kind usually heard from mafia dons or the CIA.  You really don’t refuse an invitation.


So at the predetermined time and location, a set of saloon doors manifest.  And the invitee is subtly ushered through. A tall gentleman in a black hat and duster greets you and gives you the rules of the club.

  1. Don’t cheat the house
  2. Don’t welch on your marker
  3. No bloodshed inside
  4. Keep your trap shut as to the goings on inside the club
  5. Your word is your bond, so choose your words wisely


Break any of these rules will get you kicked out of the club.  Intentionally breaking these rules will net a bounty on your head.  And the Darktown Poker Club has never failed to collect.


Welcome to the game.



Stagnate  verb stag·nate \ˈstag-ˌnāt\

Definition of stagnate

1:  to become or remain stagnant

Origin and Etymology of stagnate
Latin stagnatus, past participle of stagnare, from stagnum body of standing water

First Known Use: 1661

Closing remarks

Zendead- DC Adventures by Green Ronin


Joules-First we Feast’s series “Hot Ones”


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